Cutting down the extra flab and getting toned body is quite a difficult task. Often people need to follow a strict diet, rigorous exercise regimen or in some cases also go for a surgery to get rid of the extra inches and lose the unwanted fat in the body. However, with assistance from experts at the Clinic Dermatech, one would not have to take recourse to painful surgeries for fat burning or even follow a special diet or exercise program when they opt for the novel method of CryoSculpting. It is a safe, non-surgical alternative to remove fat cells in certain areas of the body with no downtime required in the process.

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Gaining wide recognition as safe alternative for spot fat reduction 

CryoSculpting is fast gaining popularity among those who fear going under the knife and do not have too much patience to wait for months and years to get that fit and toned body with strict exercise and diet regimen. This unique method of treating fat cells is preferred highly over risky and complicated invasive methods of fat treatments such as liposuction and other fat cell removing surgeries. It is quite a revolutionary way of shaping up the body and getting rid of the unwanted fat cells in the body and is fast gaining acceptance among people for its no-downtime feature.

Clinic Dermatech- a good choice for CryoSculpting

The innovative method of CryoSculpting entails only the process in which the body contouring takes place through the burning of fat cells in targeted areas but the surrounding tissues and body cells around which this method is performed remains unchanged.  Since its introduction, Clinic Dermatech has been doing it for both men and women equally due to the safety, long-term effects and other benefits of this novel method.  The clinic comes well equipped with the world-class technologies and has a team of experienced and skilled practitioners to perform CryoSculpting with utmost diligence. Clients can get rid of those pesky love handles or ugly fat cells around their waist or other body parts by undergoing this amazing fat treating procedure.

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Principle behind CryoSculpting

The procedure of applying cooling technology to burn away the undesired fat cells within a body called as the CryoSculpting can be explained with the analogy of butter. When a cube of butter is kept at room temperature, it spreads as it loses it rigidity but when kept in refrigerator, the cube turns hard and uneasy to melt. The same analogy works on the fat cells when we remove CryoSculpting applicator. The careful application of computer controlled cooling technology helps remove the stubborn fat cells from the specific areas of the body to give it a much toned look and a contoured body.

Unique manner in which the CryoSculpting work            

CryoSculpting being based on the principle that fat cells can be eliminated or burned completely in targeted areas of a body of a person with the application of computer-controlled cooling technology, this procedure has been quite a hit in giving clients a perfect body. Experts at the Clinic Dermatech make use of the vacuum applicator to freeze the fat cells by placing the desired fat cells and the overlying skin between two cooling metal plates. Higher temperatures cause the lipid in fat cells to crystallize. After a few weeks of undergoing CryoSculpting, fat cells die as they naturally gets processed and eventually are eliminated, thereby giving the client a sculpted, toned body without suffering any pain.

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