Have you ever faced such mornings where water got clogged in your bathroom due to excessive hair fall? If yes, then it is all because of the hair you’re shedding. Hair fall now is a common problem and every 2 out of 4 people are suffering from this problem.

Hair fall is heart breaking and the fear of going bald is just another frightening nightmare. Not only your scalp conditions, but diet and rough weather are also reasons for your hair fall. With the sinking temperature and chilly winds, hairs lose moisture and tend to become rough and frizzy easily. Moreover, winters are the most rigorousseasons than others. The weather not only gives you rough hair, but makes its condition even worse. The hair become static, split ends occur, strands become brittle and dryness makes it even frizzed.

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Winter hair problems and solutions:

Scalp Dryness

Due to less moisture in the air, your hairs tend to get dry soon in winters. Wearing of hats and scarves during winters makesiteven worse. It not only dries out your hair but the skin and scalp as well. Excess of shampooing also adds problem to your dehydrated hair. So, it is important to mist your hair with a water based leave-in conditionerto restore the moisture back to it. When daily shampooing oozes your scalp, the leave-in conditioner then acts as a good conductor of re-hydration.

Nourishing oils and serums seal-in the moisture and don’t allow the chilly winters to spoil your hair.

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Limp Locks

All the bouncy and puffy hair that you have in summers suddenly lose their charm due to bad weather conditions. As winters have less humidity in the air, so hairs have a tendency to hang lifelessly very fast. For extra oomph, set your hair in barrel or pin curls under your hat. So that when you take your hat off and remove the curlers, your hairspresent a new life.


Your normally healthy locks are extra-fragile and seem to be breaching at breakneck speed. Too much heat from your blow dryer and using the wrong brush to style is another contributor.Usage of coconut and olive oil help in nourishing your scalp. They repair, strengthen and hydrate your hair with ingredients like shear butter, which also improves elasticity. Massage your hair with coconut or olive oil after shampooing and let it sit for two minutes.

The shine will be back again!

Split Ends

The drier your hairs are the more split ends you’ll have. And once your hair starts to split, it won’t stop, so the goal is to keep it healthy. To prevent split ends, make sure you get regular trims every two months so that your hair looks healthier with every new hair style.

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Scorching Scalp

In the winters, skin goes through changes just like hair. Your scalp gets dry and chapped too, which can cause dehydration and itching (those white dots on your black sweater aren’t snowflakes) yes, that is denoted as‘dandruff’. Try an intensive treatment mask that will smooth the bristling scalp and make it oily. When you massage such serums and oils into a damp scalp, they moisture exfoliates and imparts a cooling sensation in order to control itching. This not only makes your scalp unruffled but vanishes dandruff giving you shiny and straight hair.

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