Yes, body shaming is not good and yes, we should accept our bodies as they are but does that mean that our health should be affected. Fat is essential for the body to absorb the vitamins but then the question is how much fat is essential for the body?

“Essential fat” is described as the minimum amount of fat necessary for basic physical health. Studies in various medical journals state various ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ ranges of body fat percentages. But do these percentages really give the whole story.

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We have all met people who exercise regularly and yet look overweight but could be fit. On the other hand, some lean people could not be exercising at all and yet not be fit at all. All of us have different shape, size and fat distribution profiles.

The problem of fat or visible fat arises when one sees rolls of flab sneaking out from below t-shirts or blouses or sleeves. It is this fat that is the most stubborn and which simply refuses to budge no matter how many suryanamaskars or planks one does.

Then how does one lose this stubborn fat?
Of course, there are numerous options available like liposuctions, tummy tucks, etc. These, however, are not viable for people who are not keen on needles or surgical options.

Then, what can one do?
Clinic Dermatech offers CryoSculpting, a pain-free and non-surgical fat elimination procedure with no downtime. This means that you can go straight to work or home after the procedure. There is no loss of man-hours or precious time in recovery.

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CryoSculpting is a revolutionary technology from Germany, which helps reduce stubborn fat from neck, abdomen, arms, legs and back. Under this CryoSculpting treatment, controlled cooling technology is applied which targets and destroys layers of fat cells in the body. The fat is then eliminated through sweat and excretory system.

CryoSculpting consists of applying a vacuum to a fatty area and cools it by drawing heat out versus blasting the area with ice like air conditioning draws heat of out the air. The area is treated for about an hour and then massaged vigorously to damage the fat cell walls.

No needles are used. No supplements are given. No surgery is done. There is no downtime. It can be used for both men and women alike.

What could be better?
At Clinic Dermatech, the CryoSculpt treatment is offered as a 360 degree assessment where the trained expert studies the body fat and prepares a personalized treatment plan. Over the next 4-8 weeks the body will eliminate the damaged fat cells and you will notice 25% less fat. So, when you are going for this treatment, you can simultaneously lead your healthy lifestyle and show off your newly sculpted body.

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