Healthy glowing skin is irresistible and there is nothing we can’t do to get that. From glossy magazine covers to red carpet looks of our favorite celebrities, we have been accustomed to falling in love with bright and glowing skin. There are many things that you can do every day to get that perfect face glow. Glowing skin is achievable, consistency is the key to achieve almost everything and it’s no different when it comes to skincare. It is also important to focus on face cleansing when you get up because during the night the skin generates lipids and dead cells that you should remove, with other hygienic reasons so, cleansing of the face is an effective treatment.

Skin Care routine

Why the emphasis is given on Cleansing skin?

The first and the most important step that comes to a good skincare regime is face cleansing. Always make sure to cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser or a face wash. Choose a product that does not dry out your skin and is free from harmful ingredients such as SLS and Paraben. Always remove makeup before going to bed. Nothing can be worse than a clogged makeup, it further results in breakouts, acne problems, and skin damage. Cleansing skin will brighten and refreshen your skin.

Why Face cleansing is important?

To show off a youthful face that transpires purity and freshness, you have to start from the beginning: Facial Cleansing. We sometimes forget it or do not give it the importance, it deserves; but the cleansing of the face is the most important skin care regimen.

Using the right products for our skin type and needs is the necessity of the hour. Try our Ciel Whitening Face Wash from Clinic Dermatech, it helps in removing makeup, dirt, and dust. It brightens beads by gently exfoliating dead cells with soy protein. It’s special ingredients help in lightening skin tone. The product is suitable for all skin types and is a must-try.

How does Face Cleansing help?

Face cleansing helps in many ways.

  1. Removes dirt build-up Facial cleansing removes oil, dirt and other debris. Without cleansing, dirt and grime will settle on your face, triggering unwanted skin problems.
  2. Boost hydration Cleansing maintains the proper PH-level of the skin; thus, helping you achieving adequate hydration for your skin.
  3. Cleansing helps avoid breakouts The skin produces sebum that in turn protects it. The sebum passes through hair follicles to reach the top layer of your skin. However, if there are dirt and grime built-up on the surface, the follicles might get blocked. The bacteria buildup will penetrate the follicle, causing acne.
  4. It helps absorb other skincare products effectively. When the skin is properly cleansed and followed by a good moisturization with Ciel Hydration+ cream, the skin lightens, brightens and becomes healthy.

What should be our skincare routine?

It is important to remember that one product cannot be used by everyone.  does not fit all. A routine that works for your best friend might not work for you. Always consult a dermatologist before using any product on your skin. A skincare routine should be an important part of your daily routine and should not be missed.

Your skincare routine should be:

  • Cleansing – Whether you’ve got three minutes or 15, cleansing should always be the step of basic skincare routine. Start your morning by gently cleansing the face.
  • Antioxidant Moisturizer –   Antioxidants are the best way to protect against free radicals. Leading Dermatologists from Clinic Dermatech recommends Ciel skincare moisturizer, Hydration plus as it has antioxidant properties that protect the skin from free radical damage. It is suitable for all skin types.
  • Moisture and Sunscreen – Applying sunscreen is an essential skincare regime that shouldn’t be missed. A proper skincare routine should be followed both day and night for a healthy, glowing and hydrated skin.  


The face is the first thing that gets noticed; one should keep it clean of dirt and pollutants. Face Cleansing not only removes dirt, grime, excess oil, and makeup; but also stimulates the actual process. You’re increasing blood circulation and bringing oxygen to the surface. 

So why wait, embrace your healthy-looking skin, by incorporating Ciel Face Cleanser that is enriched with vitamins and the best ingredients that are used to nourish the skin.

Book your appointment with dermatologists at Clinic Dermatech today to know more about the product or call us at 8905320330.

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