3 Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck Procedures For Men

Six-pack abs and a muscular body are on the wish list of most men. But how can one achieve the body of their dreams? 

While a strict diet and regular workouts at the gym can definitely help you attain your body goals, sometimes these practices just aren’t enough. And if this is also happening with you, a non-surgical tummy tuck could be just what you need. 

Yes, we know what you are thinking – A non-surgical tummy tuck? Is this even possible? 

So, to feed your curiosity, let us tell you YES, at Clinic Dermatech, it is possible to achieve a flatter abdomen without going under the knife. 

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At Clinic Dermatech, we are well-equipped with various technologies that help remove the stubborn fat deposits from your stomach area and tighten the skin. We offer customised tummy tucking treatments, depending on the needs of the patients. Lets us check out our best treatment options for a non-surgical tummy tuck.


CD i-Lipo is based on one of the latest advancements in non-surgical laser lipolysis that helps you start your weight loss journey from the first session only. Our skin experts have managed to help a number of patients achieve the kind of body they desire with our CD iLipo treatment. This tummy fat reduction treatment offers immediate inch-loss to give you a slimmer, firmer appearance without any pain or downtime. This system works by using low-level lasers to target and shrink the stubborn fat cells. Our patients are able to see visible results within the first hour after a session. The quick result is one of the reasons why this is a perfect solution to have safe body contouring. 


Our CD Ultra is a completely non-invasive procedure that works by destroying underlying fat cells with the help of targeted ultrasound to deliver heat deep below the skin. Before this treatment came into existence, only surgical procedures could affect the deep, structural layers of the skin. However, with CD Ultra being one of our non-invasive tummy tuck procedures, you can easily have tighter, lifted skin, and improved body contour. The advanced technology used in this treatment targets only a precise depth of fat and does not cause any harm to the outer skin. The end result is a more toned and tighter treated area with no recovery period or discomfort. 


Cryosculpting is one of the world-renowned procedures in non-invasive body contouring technologies. This is another one of our most popular non-surgical tummy tuck solutions that can help you achieve the body of your dreams, without having to spend hours in the gym. This computer-controlled cooling technology helps you have a painless and precise treatment for addressing difficult areas such as the abdomen, back, buttocks, and upper arms. 

No matter what your reason is to research the tummy fat reduction treatment and the non-surgical options available for it, the first step is to book a skin consultation. A proper consultation with a skilled expert will also give you peace of mind as you will have a clear understanding of your options, including specific details and cost applicable to your situation. 

At Clinic Dermatech, we have successfully performed hundreds of non-surgical tummy tucks to help patients achieve their dreams and regain their confidence. So get in touch with us today to start your journey to become healthier, fitter, and happier. Visit Clinic Dermatech to book an appointment today!