4 Effective Tan Removal Treatments For Men

Tanned skin is one of the most common beauty problems faced by many people. The harsh sun radiations can affect your skin in many ways and make it appear dull and dark. While mild sun exposure accelerates vitamin D synthesis and melanin in your body, excess of it can be harmful. Staying out in the sun for prolonged period can cause sunburn, premature aging, skin cancers or adversely affect immune system. That said, sun damage can vary depending on skin type, but people with sensitive skin are more prone to suntan. 

While sunscreen offers protection to some extent, it doesn’t reduce the effects of tanning. Your complexion loses its shine, and your skin health is compromised, which is why you need to heal your skin with proven skin therapies. 

In this case, switching from your traditional DIY home remedies to expert tan removal treatments would be a great idea. 

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We offer extensive tan removal treatments that not only help treat tan but also fade age spots, target hyperpigmentation and melasma. Here are some of the most common tan removal for men offered at all our branches:

1. Deep Pigment Correction

It is a deep-acting, safe and painless exfoliation process that effectively resurfaces the top layer of the skin. By eliminating the damaged cells from the surface of your skin, this skin rejuvenation treatment targets pigment irregularities and promotes an even skin tone. The whole process takes about thirty minutes with minimal downtime. The peel also reduces the severity of freckles and melasma and clears the complexion eventually.

2. Bright and Clear Peel

The anti-tan peel helps brighten and refresh the appearance of your skin by removing tan and everyday pollutants. It targets blemishes and pigmentation concerns and also leaves the skin more radiant and revived. The whole procedure takes around 30 minutes with zero downtime. 

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3. Photo Facial IPL

Photo Facial IPL is the new-age solution for facial redness, uneven skin tone, facial sensitivity, and mild discoloration. The procedure involves a cleansing, application, and absorption of potent products to give optimum benefits to the skin along with the delivery of IPL laser energy for pigment reduction. The service not only improves prevalent skin conditions, but also helps in the long term by lightening blemishes, sun damage, and age spots. It gently works on removing discoloration by dissolving pigment within 45 minutes.

4. Carbon Miracle

Clinic Dermatech’s exclusive Carbon Miracle face therapy is an advanced therapy for clear skin. This result-oriented tan removal treatment is a perfect mix of cutting-edge technology and the power of activated carbon to bring you long-lasting solutions for almost all your pigment worries. It offers unparalleled benefits in deep cleansing, brightening, and toning. It removes excess oil and enhances overall skin clarity. The process dramatically reduces pore size, preventing acne and removing blackheads.

Clinic Dermatech offers personalized, hassle-free, and effective treatments that rejuvenate the skin naturally. At Clinic Dermatech, our mission is to empower men and women alike, to maintain or enhance their appearance more actively. 

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The application of these services is further customized depending on several carefully considered factors, including their age, lifestyle, and goals. 

If you are looking for some effective tan removal for men, do not hesitate to contact us.