4 Reliable Skin Toning Treatments and Their Application

Skin problems have become a part of our everyday life. Due to the pressure of work, multitasking, and added pollution, there is no time to follow a dedicated and strict skin routine. As a result, our skin is adversely affected. 

Besides pollution and other environmental factors, premature skin aging is another prevalent concern that many people have to face. In the mid-30s, one might start seeing spots, tan lines, blemishes, and other signs of pigmentation. While plenty of products are available in the market that claims to help even out the skin tone, nothing can give you a more remarkable result like chemical peels and laser toning treatment.

Laser toning or laser skin resurfacing is an effective skincare treatment that helps your skin regenerate by acting on the deep skin layer using gentle laser lights. This procedure helps in collagen production without causing any harm to the epidermal layer of your skin. At the same time, it also lightens dark patches and controls melanin production to reduce uneven skin tone.

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At Clinic Dermatech, we employ various cocktail peels and the latest laser skin resurfacing treatments to rejuvenate the skin, reduce hyperpigmentation, remove tan, and fade age spots, to give you healthy-looking and glowing skin.

Mango Bright Peel

Mango bright is an effective treatment that helps in skin brightening, skin age management, and adult acne. Our mango bright facial treatment is rich in vitamin C, enzymes, mango pulp, and orange stem cells, which gently exfoliate and brighten the skin tone. It also consists of performance ingredients such as lactic acid that helps increase hydration and improve the texture of your skin. Kojic acid is another effective ingredient that helps reduce the appearance of dark spots to give your skin an additional boost of brightening.

Pumpkin rejuvenation

This therapy stimulates the growth of new cells and collagen to give you clear, fresh, and brighter skin. This professional skin resurfacing treatment is formulated with glycolic acid, salicylic acid, pumpkin pulp, and lactic acid. All these ingredients work together to increase exfoliation and improve the appearance of the uneven skin surface. This treatment can also be used to address several types of acne and age management concerns.

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Carbon miracle 

This face therapy is an advanced and effective treatment offered at Clinic Dermatech to help you achieve sparkling skin. This facial therapy is a perfect mix of activated carbon and cutting-edge technology to give you long-lasting solutions for all your skin worries. Along with toning your skin, it also offers deep cleansing and

In just about 45 minutes, you can dramatically reduce your pores, prevent acne and remove the appearance of blackheads.

Bright and clear laser

Laser skin resurfacing at Clinic Dermatech is cost and time-effective, and won’t affect your busy schedule. You can continue with your regular activities after the treatment. The face can be a little swollen, or you may experience redness, but it will go away within a few minutes or hours. The therapy targets the deep pigments and breaks them with a beam of lasers. The result is an instantly brighter complexion and improved skin quality.

If you are looking for laser toning treatment costs in India, Clinic Dermatech would be an excellent option for you.

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