5 Myths About Laser Hair Removal We Are Tired Of Hearing

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective ways of removing hair permanently from your body. With more options for this treatment over other hair removal methods such as waxing and threading, there is no sign of it losing interest anytime soon. 

Although it has become popular in recent years for its simple, effective, and painless technique, some misconceptions are still surrounding it. 

We have pulled together a list of some of the most common myths regarding permanent laser hair removal treatment for your disposal. Let’s take a look at them. 

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1. Laser hair removal is a painful procedure 

No matter how extreme this procedure may sound, laser hair removal is one of the painless and most effective ways to get rid of unwanted hair from your body. 

That said, each experiences different levels of sensation and has varying pain thresholds. For that reason, it is difficult to differentiate between each person and their experience with the treatment. Many people feel a warm pin pricking sensation at their first time and nothing at all at the following sessions. However, the majority of people experience only a mild tingling sensation throughout. 

Laser hair removal does not hurt more than waxing because the procedure is spread out over several sessions. It is quicker and safer than waxing and doesn’t even cause cuts or rashes. 

2. Laser hair removal takes too long to work

Laser hair removal only takes a few sessions (4 to 6), which helps you get rid of around 90% of your unwanted hair. Patients are usually advised to repeat their sessions every 6 to 8 weeks, which means you will be done within a few months. Results start to show right after the first session. You will witness reduction in hair growth and the gap between 2 sessions subsequently increases with appearance of much finer hair.

3. Laser hair removal treatment is unsafe

Laser hair removal treatment uses a laser beam that targets pigment in your hair follicles. The focussed light beam only affects the hair follicle and nothing else, so the surrounding area remains unharmed. Various studies have also backed up the safe nature of laser hair removal. As long as you choose Clinic Dermatech for your laser hair removal, you don’t have to worry about any risk. 

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4. Laser treatment is expensive

 The cost of laser hair removal in total does increase per visit. But this also depends on the area you are targeting. If you are considering undergoing upper lip hair removal, it can cost less than a larger area such as the legs. Our consultants and skin experts at Clinic Dermatech will discuss everything beforehand about the cost, area, and sessions. In reality, laser hair removal treatment cost in india is a cost-effective way of removing unwanted hair. At Clinic Dermatech, you also get flexible payment options to choose from to keep it light on your pocket.

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5. Hair comes back after pregnancy

It is only common to see a few hair grows back after pregnancy, even if you have completed an entire course of laser hair removal after your pregnancy. The main reason for this is the fluctuation in your hormone levels during and after pregnancy. However, this is usually one or two hair, which aren’t even noticeable. If you have had a baby, you shouldn’t ideally start your top-up treatment until your hormone levels are back to normal. 

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