Eyebrow Microblading

It is said that perfectly shaped eyebrows highlight one’s face and personality. But not everyone is born with dense eyebrows. Some have sparse and scanty eyebrows and use makeup to fill in the missing hairs while scouting for remedies to make them thicker. One of the best and long-lasting solutions is Eyebrow Microblading.

What is Eyebrow Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that embeds pigment under the skin using an electric machine with a needle or needles attached to it. It’s also known as feathering or micro-stroking and also eyebrow tattooing. 

Eyebrow Microblading gives well-defined brows that look natural without the hassle of daily makeup application. While it does fade like all temporary tattoos too, how long the results last depends on the skin type, lifestyle, and frequency of touch-ups.

How is Eyebrow Microblading Done at Clinic Dermatech?

The state-of-the-art techniques used by Clinic Dermatech help deliver the pigment into the dermal layer in a very natural manner with feather touch strokes giving a natural-looking effect that will last for 1 – 2 years. The permanent makeup procedure is medically proven, and the pigments used are completely safe. 

Advantages of Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow tattooing is the best aesthetic procedure for cosmetic tattooing or semi-permanent smudge-free makeup. It enables both men and women to improve, correct and enhance their natural features. 

The benefits of Eyebrow Microblading are: 

  • Correction of shape and colour rejuvenation
  • Natural-looking definition and enhancement
  • Camouflage for scars, burns, vitiligo or hypopigmentation
  • Low maintenance alternative to other options
  • Low-cost, no downtime

How Does Eyebrow Microblading Help Enhance the Looks?

If eyes are the windows to the face, then eyebrows are the window frames. It is no secret that eyebrows help lift the eyes and contour the face to give a more youthful expression. This is the reason why women use eyebrow pencils as a temporary eyebrow tattooing to improve the definition of the eyebrows. 

The biggest advantage of Eyebrow Microblading is that the eyebrows look perfect at all times as the semi-permanent makeup pigmenting does not smear or smudge off. One can swim or shower, workout or sleep without any worries of the color bleeding! Of course, it helps to save time and money in the long term besides giving a more youthful rejuvenated look. 

Who can get Eyebrow Microblading done?

People whose eyebrows are sparse due to age, excessive threading or eyebrows that are misshapen due to traumatic scars can benefit from permanent makeup procedure as then one wouldn’t have to draw them daily. Even people who have lost hair due to medical conditions like alopecia areata (patchy loss of hair) or chemotherapy can avail of Eyebrow Microblading.  

If a person has thin or sparse eyebrows and would like to wear fuller eyebrows, then they can go in for Eyebrow Microblading, the semi-permanent makeup procedure where medical grade pigments are used for tattoos. These tattoos resemble individual hair and the results of microblading are quite natural looking. 

How long does Eyebrow Microblading results last?

Semi-permanent makeup lasts for anywhere between 18 to 30 months. One can get a touch-up when the pigmentation has faded enough to be noticed (this is akin to getting a touch-up done for hair color). Touch-ups can be needed once or twice a year, depending upon the skin type and look. (Oily skin and thicker eyebrows need touch-ups faster than dry skin and slender brows.) 

Clinic Dermatech offers the most reliable Eyebrow Microblading performed by skilled technicians. With 20 clinics in 13 cities and industry experience of over 15 years, Clinic Dermatech is the name you can trust. Call on 8905320330 or visit www.clinicdermatech.com to book an appointment with leading experts.

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