Acne Scar Treatment For Men: A Dermatologist’s Guide

Although acne is natural for male teens, it can sometimes persist in your 20s and even in your 30s. In this post, we have shared the causes & symptoms of hormonal acne and how male acne is different from female acne.

Causes of Male Acne

1. Hormones 

Fluctuations in hormone levels are one of the significant causes of acne triggers in both men and women. Testosterone, which is the male-dominant androgen hormone, has many receptors on the sebaceous gland. 

While both men and women secrete androgen, male skin secretes more oil with essentially more testosterone present. Fluctuations in testosterone levels also increase sebum production. This sebum combined with a clogged follicle causes bacterial overgrowth resulting in inflammation and breakouts.  

Even though men do not experience monthly cycles, some activities can still alter their testosterone levels that cause acne. Stress, age, exercise, sexual intercourse, and the genetic profile are all the things that affect testosterone levels and hormone spikes in men. 

2. Facial hair 

Facial hair is another common cause of acne in men. Coarse facial hair serves as breeding grounds for bacteria and traps oil. Ingrown hair in the neck area can also lead to small bumps that look like acne. For that reason, it is recommended to use a clean razor and moisturize the area thoroughly before and after shaving. 

3. Genetics

Genetics is another major cause of acne in men. If your parents have acne, you are likely to get it too. Some people think that if they have acne, they have higher testosterone levels. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes you can have normal testosterone levels and still experience acne. 

How is male acne different from female acne?

Both men and women experience acne from puberty to adulthood. However, men can have it for extended periods. Severe forms of inflammatory acne-like cysts and acne conglobata occur in men due to high testosterone levels. These cause devastating forms of acne scarring and need immediate acne scar treatmentDeep acne pits and scars can also cause distress and a lowering of confidence in men. 

Treating male acne and scarring

Even though various acne scar treatment for men is available, it is crucial first to manage your acne. If you have tried topical treatments for a few months and still not seeing any improvement, the best course of action is to consult an experienced dermatologist. Our skin experts can provide you with an evaluation for personalized treatment. They may also prescribe oral medication for more severe and persistent cases. 

At Clinic Dermatech, we offer a host of acne scar treatmentsincluding chemical peels and laser resurfacing. Our mission is to empower men and women alike to help them more actively maintain or enhance their appearance, especially as they grow older. 

Whether you are experiencing acne in any form or using makeup to hide the scars, we are here at your disposal. With our personalized and hassle-free pigmentation solutions and acne scar treatmentsyou can achieve the skin you desire.

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