Adult Acne: 3 Causes And Treatments Explained

Now that you are older, you think you are past those problems that caused acne, right?

Well, your random breakouts may suggest otherwise.

Puberty is one of the common causes of acne. About 8 in 10 teens experience it. However, hormones aren’t the only factors you should blame for those pesky breakouts. The fact is that up to 15 percent of adult women have acne. You could get adult acne even if you did not have it as a teenager. Even though all pimples look the same, adult acne is very much different from puberty acne. 

Adult acne affects a person on the lower half of their face. On the other hand, teen acne can be more profound and cystic that cannot be drained. 

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So what causes those embarrassing zits in your early and mid-20s? 

As a responsible skincare clinic, we have been helping people get rid of their acne with our scientifically proven techniques. One of the significant reasons for adult acne is fluctuations in hormone levels. Other determinants, such as your skincare routine, cosmetics, and lifestyle choices, can also be culprits behind those zits. 

Here are some of the major causes of adult acne: 

1. Facial hair removal can cause acne

Topical products applied to your skin before or after hair removal procedures such as waxing and threading can be comedogenic, which means they can clog pores and promote acne. People often experience itchy bumps after waxing or threading. While this might not be real acne, it can be an irritation of the hair follicle that has caused the rash. It is recommended to apply ice to the area at least three to four times. If this doesn’t work, switch to permanent laser hair reduction that is safer and eventually eliminates the need to get hair removal sessions. Contact the dermatologists at our skincare clinic if you may need an antibiotic to clear the rash. 

2. Using too many skin products at once

Many women, including social media influencers, tend to experiment with many new skin products now and then. We understand that it’s a part of their job, but it is only good for the cosmetic industry, not for your skin. 

Switching products now and then can challenge your skin with new active ingredients, skincare which can cause irritation and breakouts. Not only the regular skin products but using too many anti-acne products may also cause blemishes. Understand that it takes at least three weeks for a product to work effectively. Also, if your skin reacts to every product, make sure to see a specialist at our skin care clinic in Delhi.  

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3. Your cell phone can be the main culprit

You expose your cell phone to surfaces with germs throughout the day. When you talk on the phone, you put these microbes close to your mouth. Germs can further transfer to your skin when you touch your face after texting. Also, if you are constantly using your cell phone, rubbing it against your face can cause ‘acne mechanica’ (pimples caused by friction). 

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Clinic Dermatech is among the best skin care clinics in India and has been treating all types of acne using topical treatments and cosmetic treatments, as and when required. If you are experiencing acne and affecting your daily life and confidence, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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