It is the time of the year when we kick-start the big fat Indian wedding season and will continue through the whole month of November, December and till February. With all effort goes into planning a wedding, the stress factor may be high. So it’s comprehensible that when dealing with pressing concerns like choosing wedding dress, ornaments, selecting the perfect shoes, and finalizing the menu, there’s a chance you may ignore the most significant part, getting your skin ready for this winter wedding.

Whether you are the bride-to- be or planning the wedding of a relative, best friend or a wedding guest, you can benefit from the best skin clinic in Delhi. Clinic Dermatech’s facial rejuvenation packages will help you get a brighter look and you will be remembered for that glow on you. So, when you are flawless, it will really annoy the other guests.


The beauty expert at Clinic Dermatech says men and women who visit the clinic often come with the expectation to improve their faces before the wedding season. It is the time when everything will be well-decorated and you don’t want to miss any chance to be the show-stopper with your luminous skin and gorgeous attire. One thing you cannot opt for immediate before any wedding is to undergo any kind of surgery, so instead there are best proven Rejuvenation Packages of Clinic Dermatech that can help you prepped up before any wedding.

One thing you cannot do immediately before the wedding is to have surgery, so instead there are many very suitable facial treatments like Anti-ageing facial treatment in Delhi that can help you before a wedding. These include Botox to get rid of those frown lines and forehead lines, fillers for dark under tired eye circles and other treatments such as advanced facial for rehydration of the skin for the hands or face and for plumping up of tired dried skin.


At the leading skin rejuvenation clinic in Delhi, the beauty experts of Clinic Dermatech recommend sitting in for an aesthetic treatment before weddings. They start with the overall assessment listening to the patient coming to the clinic as to what their major concerns are and about their expectations before attending any wedding. The expert enquires about their skin care regime, the products they are currently using and their maintenance techniques. Also, they examine the skin, look at the volume and look at the bony shapes. In particular, they focus at the symmetry of the skin. Many of the problems areas that show up prominently in photos such as hands looking dried and wrinkled, faces looking dull, tired, and dehydrated (unhealthy), skin that looks patchy, dull, and lifeless. To get rid of all those problems, beauty experts at Clinic Dermatech work with their clients from anything up to five to six weeks before the wedding.

Then on the wedding day, prime your skin for a last-minute boost on the morning by applying a gentle exfoliating mask in the shower and you are all set to outshine all the other women in the evening.

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