Hair loss treatment for female

There are many reasons why women lose hair. It could be their health, stress, medications, use of wrong hair care products and even genes. However, the good news is that there are several options available to help counter hair loss in women and for hair fall arrest at Clinic Dermatech.  

The first and the foremost important step towards hair fall control, reducing hair fall and regrowing hair is to visit a good dermatologist or hair specialist who can diagnose the underlying cause of the hair loss and then prescribe appropriate solutions. 

Clinic Dermatech, North India’s Most Awarded Skincare Clinic and the leading advance hair transplant clinic, offers a free consultation with experts, who will be able to guide the client on their hair restoration journey. 

Causes of Hair fall in Women

Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy or menopause or stress are the primary cause of hair loss in women. If the body is unable to adjust, then doctors prescribe medicines to help as hair loss treatment. 

Lack of proper nutrition due to improper diet too can affect the hair and this is usually addressed with supplements and dietary changes under the guidance of a doctor which can lead to hair fall arrest. 

Medical conditions like diabetes and even certain medicines cause hair loss as a side effect. Not just the symptoms but the root cause too must be treated for hair fall control. 

Treatments for Hair Loss in Women

While there are many medicines and treatments available for the treatment of hair loss in women, one should consult the doctors at Clinic Dermatech for best results but also understand that there are no immediate cures. Like trees, hair takes time to grow and one may need to be patient to see the results that may need a combination of hair fall control treatments.

Clinic Dermatech offers several hair loss treatments to stop hair thinning and restore one’s crowning glory. 

  • PRP Hair Regain: Blood is first drawn from a client which is then processed to separate platelets. This platelet-rich plasma (hence the name PRP therapy) is then injected into the scalp as the platelets contain proteins that stimulate cell growth and repair damaged cells. It is a non-surgical procedure that is simple and cost-effective. Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy involves several sessions within 4-6 weeks with periodic maintenance sessions every 6 months. 
  • Advanced Hair Transplant That Works: Clinic Dermatech offers Hair Transplant surgery with guaranteed results – hence the name Advanced Hair Transplant. It is a cutting-edge hair transplant surgery that does not involve any incision or stitches – quite unlike prevalent methods. It entails taking hair follicles from hair-rich parts of the scalp and then grafting them on the areas of that scalp that have thinning hair. It is a painless procedure that offers permanent results and is increasingly gaining acceptance amongst women. Clinic Dermatech is one of the best advanced hair transplant clinics in India. 
  • Meso Hair Regain: Hair fall control is possible with mesotherapy wherein the doctors of Clinic Dermatech inject a special formulation of 56 active ingredients in the scalp. It is a non-surgical procedure that sustains and spurs hair follicles to grow strong and healthy hair. It is often used for hairline correction.
  • Stem Cell Hair Regain: The most modern advancement in regenerative medicine is Stem Cell Hair Regain of Clinic Dermatech. It uses a protein serum that is constituted from stem cell extracts of adipose tissues and contains high concentrations of growth factors. Scientific studies have shown that the stem cells, which are the primary cells from which all tissues are formed, can form hair follicles. This special serum of stem cells is then injected into the scalp as a viable hair fall arrest solution that helps regrow hair. 
  • Advanced Hair Design:  A non-surgical and non-invasive hair restoration treatment, Advanced Hair Design of Clinic Dermatech offers customized hair systems. Developed from natural hair and made with imported soft fabrics, these hair systems are attached to one’s hair. Attention is paid to comfort and one does not sweat or feel overtly warm as has been seen with similar options. No one else can make out the difference as the hair system does not have to be taken off even while bathing or swimming. One can lead an active lifestyle with these hair systems and one can get it styled as per one’s choice. For women facing hair loss at the temples or widening of the forehead, Advanced Hair Design is the answer for hairline correction. 

While doctors may prescribe a single or a combination of treatments, it is important to keep in mind that every hair falls control treatment takes time, so having patience and faith are necessary.  Clinic Dermatech, the most advanced hair transplant clinic in Delhi, offers an array of hair loss treatments for thinning hair. Call on 8905320330 to book an appointment or visit for a free consultation with the experts.