If you are looking for bridal makeup artists in Delhi NCR, your search stops here!

Some may think that bridal makeover is an art however we at Clinic Dermatech, India’s most awarded cosmetic dermatology clinic, believe that it is an amalgamation of art and science. Beauty is skin deep. If your skin isn’t healthy from within, no amount of makeup can make you glow. This is precisely we suggest our patrons to go in for a complete makeover and not just makeup.

Clinic Dermatech offers complete bridal makeovers with a clinical touch.

Clinic Dermatech offers complete bridal makeovers with a clinical touch.

If you happen to be the bride-to-be, you need to look your best for the wedding days. Clinic Dermatech has a range of solutions for you – be it laser hair removal, body sculpting, hair restoration, hair care, skin care, advanced facials and face therapies or anti-ageing solutions. We also make world-class skin care and hair care products. Our professionally trained staff, including expert dermatologists, with exhaustive experience is there to offer the best of services with a clinical touch. And this is precisely why we have won scores of awards in almost every relevant category over the years. Owing to the wide acceptance our brand has received and the ensuing demand for our expert beauty and wellness services, we have been expanding our presence rapidly. We are coming up with our ninth clinic shortly in Delhi NCR and have set up operations in Chandigarh as well recently. Not to forget the investments on state of the art equipment and machines at par with world-class beauty and wellness clinics across the globe.

Our experts suggest that reparation for a glowing ‘you’ should begin at least a year in advance with a daily schedule of CTM – cleansing, toning and moisturizing at home as a must. Besides this, a lot depends on what you eat and your sleep cycles as well. Remember, healthy skin requires healthy lifestyle habits.   According to Mr. Rajesh Singh, Sr. Vice President, Clinic Dermatech, “We are of the firm belief that one size does not fit all. Skin and body type of every bride-to-be is different and therefore we device customized solutions for each patron. This is done after identifying the skin and body type and studying the problems that need to be attended to. This has been the success mantra of Clinic Dermatech and this is the reason why our patrons are not just satisfied but have been recommending us to others as well.”

Hundreds of brides-to-be have benefitted from our laser hair reduction, especially on the upper lip which happens to be the most common problem area, and have gained riddance from menacing female moustache and beard. For keeping the brides-to-be in perfect shape, Clinic Dermatech has advanced procedures like Beautytek and Radio Frequency (Bipolar) and uses Galvanic and Ultrasonic Cavitation technologies. As far as skin care for brides is concerned, Clinic Dermatech offers effective treatment for acne, acne scars, stretch marks, warts, moles, keloids, unwanted facial redness, varicose veins – also called spider veins, birthmarks, vitiligo (white patches), psoriasis, eczema etc.

However, the most exciting of the services for the brides-to-be are our advanced facials and face therapies including Signature Facial, Photo Facial, Carbon Miracle Face Therapy, Hylite Face Therapy and Elume Face Therapy. The bridal make-up packages available in the market will wear off and lose their effect the moment they are removed or taken off. However, the procedures and techniques we apply on brides-to-be have a long-lasting effect and make them look beautiful and stunning throughout…as long as a month and more. Once you gain beauty from within, you will look mesmerizing even after waking up from a slumber. You don’t have to deck yourself up every now and then. Rather than trusting a freelance makeup artist in Delhi NCR for Indian bridal makeup, trust Clinic Dermatech instead, an institution which has painstakingly built its repute over the years.

Clinic Dermatech offers advanced facials and face therapies.

Clinic Dermatech offers advanced facials and face therapies. Their effect lasts as long as a month and after post the wedding days.

If you are facing problems like raid hair loss, we have some revolutionary hair restoration therapies like Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), Meso Treatment and Stem Cell Therapy. And just in case you are marrying past your prime years or this happens to be your second marriage, the expert dermatologists at Clinic Dermatech understand the skin ageing process well and therefore can suggest and implement the best anti-ageing solutions including non-surgical facelifts, skin rejuvenation or skin resurfacing and chemical peels along with treatment for saggy & puffy eyelids as well as smile lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet, brown spots, age spots, freckles, solar lentigenes etc. Dermatologists at the clinic are adept at administering Botox / Botulin and Dermal Fillers as well. Identification of the problem areas and the amount to be injected is of paramount importance and therefore it is best done by qualified experts at a center of repute like Clinic Dermatech.

For brides-to-be who have a busy work schedule or cannot time out for some reason, Clinic Dermatech offers advanced lunchtime procedures like microdermabrasion as well.  Clinic Dermatech has also come up with its own range of products by the brand name CIEL. It has CIEL daily care range, CIEL whitening range, CIEL advanced hair care range, CIEL anti-ageing range as well as CIEL service-based range available at its clinics.

As mentioned earlier, as a bride-to-be, it is better that you start preparing for the wedding day a year in advance. Regular use of our advanced products and our expert services over the year will give you a healthy, glowing skin. If not a year, a focusses approach 3-4 months before the wedding days is a must.

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