Looking your best in summer can be a rather difficult task. Exposure to the harsh summer rays and pollution can darken and damage any exposed skin, inducing dryness, rough patches and overall discolouration. While there are misconceptions that tanning gives the skin a healthy glow, in reality the UVA rays, which are present only in summer, and UVB rays, which are present all year, combine to do short and long term damage. The UVA rays age the skin causing it to dry and wrinkle, and UVB causes skin to redden and burn, thus increasing sensitivity. There are many over-the-counter lotions and creams available, that can reduce the intensity of tanning, but if you want a long term solution then you just have to rely on the experts.

You have no reason to worry. Clinic Dermatech has just introduced the Anti Tan Face Therapy that combines a wealth of innovative ingredients to reverse the harmful effects of sun rays on your skin. It not only cleanses the skin but also renews it by adequately exfoliating and nourishing it. Ordinary facials only work on the surface, whereas the Anti Tan Face Therapy gently penetrates the skin tissue to remove damage permanently, revealing smooth and supple skin underneath. It also deeply hydrates the skin, infusing a youthful and radiant glow. Since it also boosts skin whitening, this facial is gaining popularity among women and men. So now you can finally enjoy your summer vacation without worrying about making a comeback into normal life.

Clinic Dermatech is a leading Skin Care Treatments provider in India. Along with experienced staff and reputed skin specialists, it offers advanced technologies and treatment procedures that are safe, painless and convenient. The quality and credibility of these customized solutions are evident from the appreciation and acknowledgement received from lacs of satisfied customers.

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