After providing groundbreaking dermatological solutions to North India,


With patented technologies in the dermatological arena helping millions of people in a vast country like India, being concerned about skin and related issues was confined to elite few. A similar case study has been found for hair fall sector as well, where hair care has comes into the picture only after much of the damage has taken place. Changing lifestyles and pressures of the modern age are contributing immensely to what some experts are calling a silent global epidemic.

Hair Fall Treatment In Delhi

Hair Loss is a condition that leads to baldness and affects the appearance and confidence of men and women. And today, a growing number of people affected by hair loss are turning to miracle cures that are temporary or don’t actually work. With Clinic Dermatech’s latest range of hair care, we not only cure damaged hair, but also make our customers aware of the preventive measures, which when put in practice, will make hair damage, a thing of the past.

Like, all good things come at a price, Clinic Dermatech’s initiative for tackling hair loss problems, is priced dearly. And the price is – being a part of the pledge to make India a Hair Fall Free country.

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