“For the New Year, I’m going to look at myself in the mirror and tell myself that beauty is not what I see, but how I feel. If you are happy, you are going to look more beautiful and confident.”
–   Michelle Phan, an American make-up demonstrator

Happiness is a bi-product of our habits that we tend to adopt due to our busy life schedule. We consistently struggle to quit our bad habits but very few of us succeed that too partially. We scrap our New Year resolution due to many reasons such as lack of commitment or usefulness of it.

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But every New Year brings us a new hope with lot of positive energy putting us on the driving seat to take control of our beauty and wellness. Starting from ‘body shaping’ to ‘skin care’ or ‘hair reduction’ to ‘Anti-ageing treatment’, it covers everything under its shelter.

But before planning on your ‘New Year Beauty Resolution’ you should consider the troubles that you have been facing throughout the year such as dry skin in winters, acne, and wrinkles or ageing related problems.

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To have a completely new regimen for a flawless skin it is of utmost importance to have the clear picture of the problems and concern areas that are Achilles heel for you. If you have already jotted down your “New Year Beauty Resolution” cross check it with following points to make it realistic and achievable.

Everyday tasks to

1.    Cleanse, tone and moisturize
2.    Wear SPF everyday
3.    Detox your make-up kits
4.    Remove your chipped polish
5.    Regular massage
6.    Spa at home
7.    Ex-foliate regularly
8.    Contouring with a shadow

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Apart from above mentioned tips, there are few more ‘habits to quit’ to make the beauty regimen even more effective:

1. Quit sleeping in make-up
2. Quit smoking
3. Never neglect your ‘neck’
4. Avoid picking scars
5. Licking and nibbling on your lips.

Take your ‘New Year Resolution’ this time with radiant skin and boast it to the world.

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