Skin Care, Acne Treatment, Skin Resurfacing

Skin Care, Acne Treatment, Skin Resurfacing


In this digital age where Instagram posts or Facebook selfies are reasons enough to motivate people to take loving care of themselves, the harsh weather and deadly pollution work incessantly to haul out the youthful glow and freshness from the skin.

In this existing climate, a lot of people have found a quick fix in the form of Skin Resurfacing treatment. However, there are individuals who still have second thoughts. These people are apprehensive as to whether they should get themselves scheduled for the  Skin Resurfacing treatment or not. We understand that it is hard for you to just put your trust on something you haven’t tried. But what if this apprehension stems from myths?

Here, we debunk some of the most common myths associated with Skin Resurfacing.

#Myth: Skin Resurfacing takes a long time to recover from.

Fact: Clinic Dermatech lays its trust on modern German technology that assists in resurfacing dull and lifeless skin proficiently. Skin Resurfacing done with the cool light of the Erbium laser results in less post-operative redness, less swelling and also heals more rapidly. Overall, the technology, i.e. IPL (Intense Pulse Light) or Yag or Erbium Laser among others, used at Clinic Dermatech, a prominent skin specialist clinic in Delhi, promises the safest solution for non-surgical facelift with next to no side effects and quick recovery time.

#Myth: You need to endure pain during Skin Resurfacing sessions.

Fact: You might be afraid to undergo a Skin Resurfacing treatment due to the fear of pain, right? Skin Resurfacing treatments at Clinic Dermatech is different because it is relatively painless. It is a non-surgical treatment that needs no anesthesia at all. Yes, it might result in you experiencing some sensations on your face, but there is nothing to worry about it as it causes little or no discomfort at all.

#Myth: Skin Resurfacing treatment sessions will not be able to fit in a packed work schedule.

Fact: Another common misconception about Skin Resurfacing sessions is that the procedure requires a lot of hours including the downtime; however the truth is truly contrasting. You can take an appointment at Clinic Dermatech, the best skin specialist clinic in Delhi, during your lunch break at work, as the procedure takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour including downtime. That means that it will easily fit into your busy schedule.

#Myth: All Lasers for Skin Resurfacing Treatments Are the Same

Fact: Gone are those days when only one laser type was used for Skin Resurfacing treatment. The skin specialists at Clinic Dermatech use different lasers, namely, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Erbium Yag laser, CO2 laser, and Laser He Ne + I.R.; each one has a different purpose. IPL is used for removing skin imperfections caused due to sun damage, precancerous lesions, fine lines, fine wrinkles, and pigmentation. Erbium Yag laser is known worldwide as an anti-aging laser which is specifically designed to remove superficial, moderately deep lines and wrinkles on the face.CO2 laser is used for the treatment of deep wrinkles, removal of moles and extra skin growths and smoothening of raised contours of scars. Laser He Ne + I.R. offers a safe and effective solution for revitalizing your skin that gives it a lasting glow.


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