“The hair is the richest ornament of women” — MARTIN LUTHER

Do you face hair problems? Is your hair frizzy, dull, dry or oily? Do you always stay worried about your hair conditions? If yes, then we have a solution! Gone are the days when people used to crib about their dull and frizzy hair. Now regain natural strength, shine and volume with Clinic Dermatech’s complete hair restoration program.
So, stop panicking and visit Clinic Dermatech!

Leave your laid back attitude now and find solution to all your hair related problems by visiting our infirmary. Whether it is hair fall or dandruff, frizzy hair or receding hairline, gray hair or anything else, we have solutions to all your problems.

‘Hair-loss’ problem has become one of the fastest growing global epidemics. And if not treated properly, it can lead to baldness, tarnishing your physical appearance and inner confidence. Thus, it is high time for you to take some stringent action against this rapidly growing epidemic.

So, save your crown now!

Hair Fall Treatment In Delhi

How to prevent hair fall?

• Avoid combing, pulling or brushing of ‘wet hair’, it may cause stretching or breaking
• Shampoo gently ( use the pads of your fingers)
• Use a wide-toothed comb
• Ironing on dry hair may lead to split-ends
• Always look for a Brush with natural fiber bristles

And if you are still unable to cure it, then visit the experts.

Clinic Dermatech— one of the pioneers in skin and hair care treatments, have introduced many hi-tech and cutting-edge services to treat your hair fall related problems. Our advance hair restoration program focuses to provide you effective, long lasting and hassle-free therapies that not only ensure natural growth but enhance the quality of your hair as well.

Hair Restoration Treatment

Clinic Dermatech’sadvanced hair restoration program offers:
The Platelet Rich plasma Therapy
This highly concentrated platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy uses a natural process to catalyze your hair growth. It is a highly effective, clinically proven and painless treatment which provides you healthy hair growth.

The Meso Therapy

This therapy involves an ‘Anti-Hair Loss Serum’ which is delivered into the scalp with the help of Meso guns. It is non-invasive and gives 100% results.

The Stem Cell Therapy
The stem cell serum therapy is composed of Growth Factors in high concentrations and Adipose-derived Stem Cell extracts. It moisturizes, improves and nourishes the scalp conditions and promotes blood circulation.
So, regain to win back the natural hair look with ‘Complete Hair Care’ therapies offered by Clinic Dermatech.
Now flaunt your hair without hesitation!

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