Liposuction, otherwise known as spot fat reduction, is a popular body contouring procedure targeting stubborn fat in specific body areas such as arms, thighs, abdomen, and back. However, despite the immense benefits, there are several misconceptions associated with it. No wonder why so many people find themselves dismissing liposuction. 

A groggy understanding and wrong judgment can become obstacles in your fat removal journey and the search for the perfect body. That is why we are going to debunk some of the most common misconceptions about liposuction once and for all so that you can decide whether this procedure is right for you. Let’s dive in.

1. It will cure cellulite

Many people think that liposuction can treat their cellulite. But in reality, cellulite results from fat under your skin that pushes the connective tissues lying beneath the skin and not just an irregular pocket of fat. Liposuction only removes the soft and fatty tissue. It doesn’t work on the skin-related issues that are caused by the stretching of connective tissues. 

2. It can be used as a weight/fat loss treatment

Another most common myth surrounding liposuction is that it is a fat/weight loss treatment. On the contrary, liposuction is a tool that is supposed to target stubborn, exercise-resistant fat and not the overall weight. To undergo liposuction, you need to already be at your desired weight and maintain that weight consistently. Liposuction involves the removal of small fat portions, thus helping you achieve a flattering body shape. However, it won’t significantly change your body shape. 

3. It is not for older people

Anyone who has had a positive medical examination and is in good health may safely undergo liposuction. However, a lack of elasticity and firmness may compromise the skin’s ability to re-drape over newly reshaped, slimmed contours. Thus, in reality, the poor quality of the skin is the prime contradiction to liposuction. 

4. It is the easy way out

As said before, liposuction is not a weight/fat loss treatment, and maintaining ideal results after the procedure includes a general commitment to a healthy lifestyle. However, liposuction, or any other body contouring method, helps streamline and contour localized areas, preferably in people within a healthy weight range. 

5. You can get started with your routine after the procedure

No matter how safe and frequently performed liposuction is, every surgical procedure calls for a recovery period. The most common post-procedure effects include swelling, soreness, and bruising around the treatment areas. Although the healing process varies from person to person, it is advised to give yourself at least a week to rest and recover for the best results. Some patients may also need four to six weeks to resume strenuous activities. 

6. It is only for women

Many people believe that most plastic surgery procedures are designed only for women. However, contrary to this common belief, spot fat reduction can be pretty helpful for even men to get rid of the exercise-resistant fat. It is one of the most requested procedures by men to target excess fat pockets in several body areas, especially the stomach, thighs, and love handles. 

7. It is a dangerous procedure

Every surgical procedure holds some amount of risk, but modern-day liposuction is exceptionally safe in the hands of an experienced and fully-trained professional.

Now that we have debunked the major misconceptions about liposuction, you can consider undergoing it without any second thoughts! At Clinic Dermatech, we offer various spot fat removal services such as EMSHAPE, CD-ultra, CD-iLipo, CyroSculpting. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation