Who doesn’t love to show off heavy jewellery? Every woman loves that. Usually, we wear heavy earrings on special occasions while some people wear them daily as well. But wearing heavy earrings for long hours, tears or stretches the earlobes or earring holes over the several years, leaving the earlobes elongated. As the hole gets enlarged, studs fall through them which can be very noticeable and even risky. The best solution for elongated earlobes is to repair them by stitching; which is known as earlobe repair. Post this minor surgery, one can continue to wear long and heavy earrings without any fear. During a consultation from our experts at the Clinic Dermatech proper examine your earlobe is conducted.


Earlobe Repair– get ready your wear your favourite earring

Earlobe repair surgery is a simple, safe, minimally invasive surgical procedure that is conducted to restore the appearance of ear lobes. Earlobes either gets torn,elongated due to piercing or get pulled by heavy earrings. The procedure does not take very long and the client can get back to work immediately.

If you have got split earlobe, widened piercing hole or stretched ear piercings, get them repaired from our medical professionals, who are well experienced and can give you the best advice.

The increasing practice of ear piercing by females as well as by males has resulted in more and more requests for earlobe repairs.

Earlobe Repair Cost

Earlobe Repair is considered an elective procedure. The earlobe repair cost depends on the treatment the client opts for. Is the looking to get one ear treated or both? Keeping all these factors in mind the charges are levied.

Book an appointment with our medical professionals who can guide you with the detailed procedure. Let your physician know if you have any medical history. Talk about how you want your earlobe to look like, post-surgery and tell your doctor whether you’d still like to wear earrings following the procedure.

 Earlobe Repair Surgery

The procedure usually takes less than half an hour. Both the ears can be treated on the same day. Earlobe repair surgery is accompanied by local anaesthesia to make the are a numb or free of pain.This can be improved by grafting fat into the lobes to make them more full and youthful-looking. In the surgery, a small amount of skin surrounding the split or widened hole is cut and then restitched back together. After a week, the stitches are typically ready to come out so that you can revel in your fancy new earlobes. It is one of the safest surgeries which is performed on millions today so that one can enjoy wearing heavy earrings. You no longer need to worry about earlobes tearing again and switch anytime between light earrings and heavy ones.

Now, you need not keep your heavy earring inside, wear it without any fear, once the earlobe surgery is done and enjoy wearing your beautiful pieces of jewellery. Consult the leading experts at Clinic Dermatech to get more information about the procedure. Our experts can guide you with the best options available.

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