If you want to be completely healthy, fit, happy, and energetic, exercise is essential!

Fitness Facts

Most of the time when myths are subjected to facts, half of your workout activity is spoiled! Many of us believe in such facts that are merely myths. Yet you exercise, and agree to the terms and conditions that are followed by your son?s gym instructor or your neighbor?s fitness trainer. You do not exercise as per your metabolism and fall short of reaching your fitness goals.

It’s pretty easy to tumble into a trap: A workout buddy passes along an exercise tip, and then you pass it on to several others you know. Anybody who is going to gym gives you an advice and you start following it. Experts say that in the world of fitness, myths and half-truths flourish, they don?t make good to you but spoil your entire regular regime – and some of them keep you away from getting the fastest and safest remedy.

Root of the problem is the advice itself, as indorsing ‘exercise’ is all about healthy diet.But truth is, to achieve impeccable physique you have to work hard and cut down on oily stuff.With more specifications, length of workout, time and intense activities can only provide you a proper body shape. Some of the myths that always take over your mind are discussed below –

1. Myth: Crunches will get you flat abs.

Weight loss and Body shaping

Fact: Yes, it is the most powerful abdomen exercise, but doing crunches won’t serve any purpose. Fat over the mid-section is not fully eliminated by this exercise. Since they don’t burn off a lot of calories, they don’t help in a major way with fat loss. Moreover, if you are doing crunches, make sure to do it properly: otherwise, it may put your spine in a painful curved position.

2. Myth:More sweat released, more calories burnt.

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Fact:Drenching from your regular morning walk or afternoon run isn’t the reason behind your extra calorie burn! Sweat is anorganic response that cools your skin and regulates internal body temperature. It has nothing to do with calories. The sweatcomes onto the outer skin when the inner body is heated.

3. Myth:Running can hamper your knees.

Weight loss and Body shaping

Fact: If you run or don’t the knees of a runner and a normal person don’t have a much difference. While running you has to keep in mind that pounding the pavement is safer on the joints than contact sports like football, basketball and running on trade mill, is not at all harmless.
Experts always recommend having a total-body strength workout at least twice a week in addition to your regular jogs to build up the muscles that support the knees.

4. Myth:Stretching is the key for good body.

Weight loss and Body shaping

Fact: Effects of post-workout recovery methods found no significant changes in blood lactate levels (a measure of how fatigued your muscles are) in people who stretch after exercise, so exercise and stretching has no extraordinary connection.
While stretching you don’t completely reduce muscle soreness or speed muscle tissue repair. Doing it right after a workout, when the body is still warm, is the best way to increase joint flexibility.

Weight loss and Body shaping

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