“I don’t consider myself bald, I’m just taller than my hair”
— Seneca, Roman philosopher

It is an interesting way to look-over the fact that you are balding and people always had something or the other to say about your hair-loss. Baldness is a major cause that brings many mental repercussions such as loss of confidence and self-esteem, especially when you face it at an early age.

Women Hair Loss

Thankfully, we have many techniques to cure baldness and ‘Hair restoration’ is one of the most viable options available. Those who seek medical treatment to restore missing hair, ‘Hair restoration’ is an aid to their problem. It works for both men and women who have started losing hair (balding) or have already lost their hair from certain area of scalp.

Men Hair Loss

But before choosing the mode of treatment the most important thing is to do a research regarding the treatment plan and which infirmary to opt for. Because it would be worthless to pay for a procedure which doesn’t require or achieve expected results.

You can consider the following Do’s and Don’t’s enlisted below, before planning your hair restoration treatment —

•    a research before undergoing a hair restoration program
•    choose a qualified and experienced dermatologist
•    know about Platelet Rich Plasma treatment


•    over analyze the situation
•    delay your treatment
•    be afraid to revisit the dermatology clinic for second consultation
•    base your decision strictly on cost
•    forget to prevent further hair-loss

Hair Loss

The Clinic Dermatech’s ‘Advanced Hair Restoration’ program is a great option for people who are at the initial phase or have completely lost their hair. It offers you the highest quality of care with non-invasive and 100% result oriented procedures.

So, if  balding is lowering down your confidence or self-esteem, don’t lose your heart! Enroll now with Clinic Dermatech and get it treated.

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