Hair fall is something that happens to all of us. On an average, we lose about 60-70 strands of hair. But this is nothing to worry about that this is a natural process as each hair strand has a life wherein it sprouts, has a period of growth, then matures and then as it weakens and falls.

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This life cycle of the hair goes for a toss when the factors like chemicals, genetics and medicines come to play.

Some medicines are known to list hair fall as a potential side effect and we all have met one or two people in our lifetime, who claim to lost hair to strong medicines.

We all tend to use a plethora of hair products, whether these are oils, shampoos, conditioners, gels, hair colour and the like. Hair is also subjected to styling products and styling treatments like curling, straightening, and the like. To this mix, add environmental factors like air pollution, hard water and improper food intake.

And if to all the above, put genetics into play, the poor little hair strand just can’t take it anymore. Lucky is the man who at 40, didn’t wake up thinking that it is possible that the hair on the pillow was not his. Lucky is the man who on spotting a few strands of hair in the brush while combing, didn’t put it down to stress. Lucky is the man who didn’t try to cover up the ever expanding moonshine by overlapping the existing hair. Lucky is the man, who doesn’t go bald by the time his kids start college. That’s when he starts trying all sorts of grandma’s recipes and praying to the Gods and Goddesses of Hair, hoping for a miracle.

Don’t even suggest wigs as we all heard all those horror stories of wigs flying off in the wind or getting entangled in the branches of the trees, much to the embarrassment of the wearer and the delight of street children.

Is there really a solution to somehow cover up this balding patch and not look ‘funny’?

One of the best solutions available is hair transplant, where it is your own hair that grows and which will surely not go grey or fall off.

How Is The Treatment Done?

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Hair Transplant is essentially a surgical technique where surgery is performed by moving the hair you already have, onto the areas that have no hair. Thus with hair transplant, you will get back your own hair on the bald or thinning areas of your head.

The hair for transplant is usually at the back of the head and from where one usually one does not lose hair. This area is also quite fertile and with time a new hair grows in its place. So effectively, there is no loss and only gain.

Clinic Dermatech is one such centre that specializes in hair transplant in both FUT and FUE hair restoration methods. Hair transplant surgery is under magnification which leads to the best results coming forth. Hair transplant at times takes 4+ hours and may require multiple sittings with the doctor. The entire treatment is highly dependent on size of the area to be treated. It is important to meet doctors to understand the causes leading to hair loss. Medicines and other treatments, the high cost notwithstanding, should be taken regularly.

We, at Clinic Dermatech, understand that the requirements of each patient will differ with gender, age, profession and social environment. We offer comprehensive treatments with respect for a patient’s emotions and privacy.


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