Winters’one word that sends jitters to our spine with the thought of all the problems and dissatisfaction that it brings to our face and skin. The harsh windy chilled winters leaves most of the skin over the body parts moisture-starved. Everybody stresses about well-being the winter season as it even more forbidding resulting in results in flaking, cracking, even eczema.

Other winter problems include cold, flu and ear infection symptoms like a runny nose, scratchy throat, earache and even sinus snowballing during the winter months. Hence to stay in the pink of the health, our body needs some extra care and repair in the dreaded season. Read on below some of the most useful tips to keep your health and body in the best condition:

  1. Keep the skin moisturized throughout the day with oil based moisturizer (esp non clogging oils like- avocado oil, mineral oil, primrose oil, or almond oil.
  2. Get softer skin in winters by moisturizing thoroughly and exfoliating the dead skin cells around your hair follicles and reduce the appearance of bumps. For this you can use a Try a lotion with salicylic acid.
  3. Avoid washing of hands and other body parts as they wash of the normal body moisture. To prevent chapping parched hands, embrace wipe-off, soap-free cleansers and alcohol-free hand sanitizers.
  4. Wear cotton gloves over lotion to help moisturize parched hands as it creates an occlusive barrier on skin and helps lotions and creams soak in.
  5. Use a mix of sugar and honey to soften stubborn dry patches on rough elbows and knees.
  6. Treat your feet at night with a hydrating scrub or pumice stone, and apply a thick, buttery moisturizer while feet are still damp and this will work wonders to your feet.
  7. For arms, legs, and torso, start with rich bath oil or moisturizing body cleanser and layer up with the warm clothes to keep the dry chilly winter air at bay.

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Try these easy homemade winter care tips and stay Healthy and Beautiful always.

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