Clinic Dermatech is one of the best players in Hair Reduction and Body Shaping in Delhi NCR with best technologies. For reduction of thick to very fine hair they have 3 different types of lasers i.e Ndyag, Diode and IPL.

For Body shaping treatments they have three different technologies i.e Beautytek, Sculptor and Mobilizer that works together to provide weight loss, inch loss, toning and firming.

To support these treatments it has very exclusive products like Hair Minimiser, Post Laser cream and Anticellulite cream.


1)      HR+ – this product supports the hair reduction treatment by minimizing the hair growth. Pilisoft is the active ingredient main active components identified from Gymnema Sylvestre leaves extract. It has been clinically proven for significant inhibition of the activity of hair follicles, slowing down of hair growth. It allows reducing the frequency of hair removal treatments and reduction of hairiness.

Hair Reduction in Delhi

2)      Sculpt + It is a combination of hot oils like Cinnamon oil, clove oil, camphor oil that have the tendency to produce heat when applied on skin. This heat helps in melting down the stubborn fat that helps in weight reduction.

Body Shaping

3)      Post Laser Cream: This treatment helps in subsiding redness and sensitivity after laser treatment. It’s strong anti-irritant and cooling properties reduces the side effects of laser lights. It can be recommended after any laser treatment like Photofacial, Laser hair reduction, Carbon miracle and CO2 laser. Mild sunscreening properties prevents instant tanning after laser.

Permanent Hair Reduction in Delhi


Our Advanced hair care range is a complete solution for dry and frizzy hair. It has a combination of natural oils and actives that helps in making hair healthy. It works best on chemically treated hair or dry and frizzy hair.

a)      Adavnced Hair Care Shampoo: CIEL Shampoo gently cleanse the hair leaving the hair soft and shiny. It strengthen up the hair and also gives color protection to them.

Hair Care Products

b)      Advanced Hair Care Conditioner: Conditioner forms a layer on hair making them soft and lustrous. It smoothens hair preventing detangling . It also reduces frizziness and dryness and increase water content in hair. Keratin Provides color protection to hair.

c)       Adavanced Hair Care Hair Mask: It rebuilds the damaged hair. Basically helps in deep repair of colored/ chemically treated hair/ dry or frizzy hair. Renew inner strength by providing deep nourishment.

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