Smooth, shiny and soft skin is the first and foremost need of every young lady – whether she is a college-going girl, a housewife, a professional working woman or a model. Hair removal is one of the routine procedures that is done by almost every girl using different methods like threading, waxing, shaving as well as laser hair reduction. Laser hair reduction is fast becoming the must-have method that ensures that your body is free from hair re-growth. This technically advanced method is successful and makes it possible to effectively reduce unwanted body hair in a quick and easy way and has proven long-term benefits.

However, a question that is most often asked at Clinic Dermatech is – “Is Laser Hair Reduction Safe?”

Laser Hair Reduction – Safe and Reliable Method of Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair Quickly and Easily


Laser Hair Reduction is a perfectly safe procedure for all parts of the body including the face. It is done by using advanced laser equipment that is specifically designed for laser hair reduction. At Clinic Dermatech, amongst the lasers used are ND Yag laser, IPL, or Diode laser may be used. Additionally, for the duration of the procedure, a protective eye-cover is taken into use to keep your eyes protected from unintended harm.

The best thing about laser hair reduction is that it gives you a bare skin that you will love to touch. As laser technologies are consistently being refined, therefore safety and reliability of the procedure are increased to a great level. It is a pain-free method of hair reduction that takes a short span of time to complete.

Is There Any Minor Skin Related Issue Associated with Laser Hair Reduction?


The possibility of redness and minor skin irritants may occur after the laser session. But, it is not a big issue as it can easily be resolved with ice packs that are also kept ready for use by the therapists who are performing the hair reduction procedure.

Clinic Dermatech recommends the use of specially formulated post-laser creams and prescribes a skin care regimen too after the laser hair reduction procedure, which includes the mandatory use of sunscreen on the treated areas that are most likely to be exposed to the sun.

Things to Keep in Mind before Laser Skin Reduction Session

Before starting the laser hair reduction session, it is vital to discuss simple do’s-and-dont’s with the skin care counseller at Clinic Dermatech. One should avoid bleaching the skin as well as avoiding waxing, threading or plucking of body hair close to the laser hair reduction procedure.

Find a Certified Clinic for Laser Hair Reduction

For ladies who are looking for a safe and reliable laser hair reduction clinic, Clinic Dermatech is the place to be. You can schedule an appointment according to your requirement and timing and gain a soft and silky skin in a safe and secure way.

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