Obesity is a condition which proves that the Lord does not help those who wait for others; he helps those who help themselves!

A survey conducted in India, within the metropolitan cities accounted that during the profiling of 46,000 urban Indians—all of whom have access to the internet—showed that 49% were obese or had a body mass index of 25.

Bariatric surgeon ‘Dr. Ramen Goel’, said —”We had interviewed and tested people working in corporate as well as public sector units in Mumbai and found that 60% were either overweight or obese. At that time, people felt our results were exaggerated, but now we are vindicated.”

This viewed that the obesity march held true for Delhi city as well. So, Dr Anoop Misra, from Fortis Hospital in Delhi said, that his soon-to-be-published study showed ‘40%-70%’ of the capital’s denizens were either overweight or obese.

On the same hand, Consecutive National Family Health Surveys conducted between 2000 and 2006 pegged obesity in India between 8% and 15% of the general population.

Body Shaping Clinic in Delhi

Taking the survey in consideration, none of us would say that extreme obesity is healthy or even benign.

We are able to minimize accidental death ratio in the graphs, deaths from heart diseases and are able to cure cancer almost certainly, with the advance medical research and technology. We’re getting better at every level by uncovering these ailments as early as possible; with the help of pharmaceutical marvels, drugs and chemotherapy we can treat almost everything and anything!

But when it comes to the notion of expanding waistlines (which is on the verge of a calamitous state against our health-care system) we tend to fail, ignoring the fact that it requires consistent efforts.

There are numerous ways to get perfect looks by losing some extra inches. The way can be easy and painless if you opt for the most advanced medical research and technology equipment.

Clinic Dermatech — one of the leading infirmary’s in India, caters its audience under the expert Supervision. With no pain and side effects, we enable to deliver you world’s best weight loss programs that not only make you look good but enhance your overall health conditions.

Boady Shaping

We, one of the famous dermatology clinics, now offer excellent services for weight management, figure correction and inch loss.
We deal in a complete ‘360 degrees’ approach for body shaping. So, come and opt for the most advanced, pain-free, non-invasive, non-surgical and 100% effective treatments, to retrieve your 30’s look.

Clinic Dermatech provides a unique combination of selected therapies merging it with ancient skin care wisdom and ultra-modern German Technology. It gives you non-invasive, harmless and 100% result effective treatments.

The ‘beautytek’ and ‘360 degree’ body shaping techniques at Clinic Dermatech revolutionize your overall body. Moreover, harnesses the body’s powerful mechanisms for self-repair, restoring health and wellbeing and enable the body to reshape itself.

Now you just have to simply lie back on a couch and the treatments take care of the rest.

Non surgical Body shaping delhi

‘Body shaping’ and ‘skin rejuvenation’ at our infirmary deal in world’s best technology and we assure to reshape your body with no side effects that too with minimal downtime.


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