So, you have finally decided to drop the razor for good and go for Laser Hair Reduction. Laser Hair Removal is now the standard beauty method of hair removal and it potentially ends what is really a lifetime of waxing, shaving, and tweezing. One unexpected side effect is LOVE and therapists say that clients love the feel of the bare skin.

Before you experience the actual process of laser hair reduction, ask your therapists questions on how you should prepare for it, so you know exactly what it takes and how to handle every part of the procedure. This aids in the recovery and the treatment is even more effective. Here’s what Clinic Dermatech, one of the leading and reputed Beauty Clinics in the country, suggest its clients before they embark on the journey of experiencing the joys of hair reduction through lasers.


Stop Waxing and Plucking

Once you’ve chosen laser hair removal, it is necessary to stop undergoing any other hair removal method like waxing or tweezing, that extracts hair from the root. Even just grooming any stray hairs in between sessions could come in the way of hair growth cycle required for an effective treatment. Laser hair removal works by destroying hair follicles underlying the skin surface. So, by removing them before treatment, there will be a problem for the laser to target. Instead, go for shaving before and in between sessions to keep the hair undetectable, yet visible to the laser.

Avoid Getting Tanned

Studies have proved that sun tanning can cause skin cancer, as well as other detrimental health issues like eye damage, premature aging, and suppression of our immune system. Not only are UV rays damaging to the skin, but they can also interfere with your laser hair treatment. As the laser works by targeting the pigment of your hair follicles, a tanned skin with more melanin will make it difficult for the lasers to differentiate between the skin and the hair. Thus, the experts at Clinic Dermatech recommend to the laser hair removal clients that they regularly apply a good quality sunscreen lotion. Anything that can cause tanning should be strictly avoided while undergoing treatment. Once all the sessions are done, you’ll have soft, silky bare skin that lasts longer than a temporary suntan.


Schedule Your Follow up Treatments

Generally, you won’t receive the final result of permanent hair removal from only one session. There is a 75% to 80% reduction in hair growth after the completion of the sessions. Lasers are most effective on the hair that are in the growth phase. Therefore, one will need to go through several to reduce the hair that were not in the growth phase. For this, it is important to schedule follow up sessions.

Do remember to follow the aforesaid tips of Clinic Dermatech experts and get the best results from Laser Hair Reduction.

Contact our specialist at Clinic Dermatech for a consultation and learn how we can help you tackle your fuzz safely, easily and permanently.

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