Most people do not want to wallow into the depth of highly technical information that explains how laser hair removal treatment works, nor do they want to read the long journals on psychology of skin and hair type. So, let’s head straight to some of the most common questions that you may have about laser hair offered by Clinic Dermatech.

Laser Hair Removal In Gurgaon

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Does laser hair removal work on all skin types?
Certain skin types are more treatable than others. However, a consultation is necessary to determine the kind of treatment needed to meet your hair removal needs.

Is laser hair removal painful?
How a laser feels is directly related to the amount of hair growth per square inch. In areas where hair growth is scant, you may experience slightly stingy feeling. On the other hand, areas where hair growth is heavy, the effect will be slightly more. Having said that, the pain is minimal and can be mitigated by adjusting the laser power level.

How many treatment sessions will I need?
Your laser treatment sessions depend upon your skin type and level of hair growth. Our consultants will be able to tell you about the number of treatment sessions needed more accurately once they thoroughly examine you. On an average, you will need a minimum of 6-8 treatment sessions. Post that, you may have to come back every once in a while for a top up.

What to expect during the laser hair removal session?

Once you are in the treatment room, your Laser Technician and Master Esthetician will click a picture of the area to be treated. Following this, they will explain you everything about the laser being used and what to expect during the treatment. The area under treatment will be shaved neatly with a new blade/razor and your eyes will be covered with goggles to protect them from harmful laser beams.

The Laser Technician will apply a cooling gel on the area under treatment and then direct laser shots to destroy the hair follicles from root. Post treatment you are likely to experience redness on the skin which will disappear in 30 minutes.

What is the interval span between each treatment?

The span depends on two factors – the size of the area being treated and the amount of hair growth. Our consultants will be able to inform you about the interval spans more accurately once they examine you.

How long does each treatment take?

The treatment time varies depending upon the size of area to be treated. To give you a rough idea, a small area such as side-locks would take about 10 minutes. The actual laser process is 2-4 minutes.

How does the laser target hair for removal?

Laser uses electric pulses and light to heat the hair follicles and destroys its roots without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues or skin. This inhibits any further hair growth.

What are the areas covered under laser treatment?

Except eyebrows, any area of the face and body can be treated with laser.

Which laser hair removal treatment is best for me?

Depending upon your hair density, coarseness, growth cycle and areas to be treated, our consultants recommend the use of IPL, Diode or ND Yag technology laser for hair removal treatment.

Is there a down time after laser treatment?
You should be ready to get back to work almost immediately after the laser hair removal treatment. Our consultants recommend that you should avoid unprotected sun exposure of the treated area. Apply sunscreen with Zinc, SPF 20 or higher before going out in the sun.

What are the things I need to avoid before treatment?
The following are things you need to avoid before treatment:
•    Lotions, cosmetics and other skin preparations
•    waxing for six weeks
•    direct sun exposure

Can I get laser hair removal treatment during pregnancy?

Though there is no specific research stating anything about any ill effects to the fetus, we strongly advise against going this treatment during pregnancy.

Laser Hair removal is the one of the best and easiest ways of getting rid of unwanted hair. We at Clinic Dermatech make sure that your facial and body hair problems are treated with utmost care and the best of technologies for long lasting results. Log on to our website Clinic Dermatech and book an appointment with us for a smooth feathery skin.

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