Skin is exposed to number of external skin-damaging factors such as dust, pollution, seasonal changes and so on. Emotional stress also affects our skin a lot. Therefore, it is important to go for regular cleansing and facials to prevent skin from sagging and aging before time. Skin problems and signs of ageing can be kept at bay for a longer period of time if you follow proper skincare regimen. At Clinic Dermatech, experts and cosmetic leaders have designed a selection of facial services to suit the diverse needs.  Here is a brief idea about the facials that you can choose from when you visit Clinic Dermatech.

Advanced Facial

Go for our advanced facial if you need to bring back the elasticity of your skin and make it smooth and firm along with giving it a polished radiance. This comprehensive face lifting solution works wonders for all skin types – be it oily skin, normal skin, dry or even combination skin. Even for people with sensitive skin, it is a good facial to add that sheen and make the skin look cleaner and smoother. It can be taken once every month for getting that consistent bright, glowing skin.

Advanced Facial

Signature Facial

Signature Facial offered at Clinic Dermatech packs in the power of natural vitamins and makes use of the proven, modern oriented formulation techniques. This unique face therapy involves mild exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and light polish along with the application of effective face solutions that are gently massaged into the skin. At the end of the service, a mask is applied to suit the skin type of the person taking it to help the skin stay hydrated and glowing for long. This facial is also suitable for all skin types.

Carbon Miracle

Clinic Dermatech’s innovative Carbon Miracle combines world-class technology and result-oriented science to deliver long-lasting solutions to all your skin problems. This advanced science works on the power of activated carbon and offers unmatched benefits such as lightening of blemishes, tightening and toning of skin, enhancing and nourishing the skin tone among others.


It is one of the most result-oriented non-surgical and painless treatments designed to rejuvenate the skin without suffering the pain as involved with surgeries or injections. Clinic Dermatech’s exclusive therapy uses cold laser to let the Hyaluronic acid “Pure Hyaluron” to enter the layers underneath the skin for restoring its firmness and youthfulness.

Signature Facial

Photo Facial

Clinic Dermatech’s Photo facial is a non-invasive method to reduce redness of the skin and removing wrinkles and large pores. It is also highly useful for treatment of irregular pigmentation and ageing signs. It helps in producing even-toned skin and can also treat skin conditions such as rosacea, veins, dull complexions and mild acne scars. The use of non-laser, intense pulse light technology in this facial works well to restore youthful freshness and improve skin texture.

Elume Face therapy

This enhanced face treatment plan provides the beneficial effect of Hyaluron and lights. Followed by a quick skin polish, Hyaluron serum is gently massaged and then Elume mask is applied to give a radiant finish to the skin. Instant skin hydration restores the glow and tightens the loose cells.

Call us and book an appointment today to take away the years from your face and make it radiant, supple and smooth by choosing from any of the above facials.


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