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The persona of a woman has evolved through the ages; from an archetype homemaker to the confident, exuberant achiever that she is today, the journey has been pleasantly empowering. A facet that has played no menial role in this evolution is the way they look and feel about themselves. Being conscious about your body is essential these days, and not having unwanted body hair is a big part of that.
This change is driven by the metropolitan cities, with Delhi being one of them. Owing to that, the demand for laser hair removal in Delhi has grown manifolds in the last few years.

While temporary methods of hair removal are undoubtedly more popular, they are at best a stop gap. In comparison, permanent hair removal solutions such as laser hair removal therapy offer a flurry of advantages including comfort, less allergies, and above all, are timesaving compared to other hair removal methods. Furthermore, laser hair removal cost comes out to be lower in comparison to spending on hair removal cream for men and women in the long term, all the while being much more effective in terms of results – two distinct advantages that make it an ideal investment to get freedom from unwanted body hair.

Clinic Dermatech, a pioneer in skincare solutions and laser hair removal in Delhi, brings forth some of the world’s best next generation permanent hair removal methods that promise more coverage, faster treatment and long lasting results. Our fleet of laser hair removal machines includes Nd YAG Laser, Diode Laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). Treatments undertaken at Clinic Dermatech remove body hair using laser rays which are ejected onto the skin. Each and every laser hair removal treatment offered by Clinic Dermatech is non-invasive and the least painful. The hair can be on your back, arms, legs, chin, virtually anywhere; our cutting edge laser techniques are effective on body parts and on the varying skin types.

Top advantages of laser hair removal in Delhi by Clinic Dermatech

Laser hair removal treatment helps in permanent elimination of undesirable body hair.
Typically, 80 percent reduction is expected after 6-8 sittings of treatments which means no more stubble to cope with.
The treatment is best for ingrown hair.
Laser hair removal cost is comparatively lesser than long term expenses made on hair removal cream for men and women, and other hair removal methods available in the market
You can instantly get back to your routine after a laser treatment sitting.
The treatment is virtually painless. Some patients may experience slight redness on the area treated. However, the redness will subside within 30 minutes of the treatment.
These advanced procedures are much shorter than other hair removal processes.

This multitude of advantages makes Clinic Dermatech’s laser hair removal treatment one of the best options for many people to deal with unwanted hair permanently. If you are considering going for permanent hair removal, then we are people who can put an end to your hair trouble. At Clinic Dermatech, we house a team of veteran doctors who are renowned as experts in laser hair removal in Delhi and have treated thousands of patents over the last many years. Each of our therapists has extensive experience and expertise in laser hair removal and permanent hair removal techniques. Our doctors understand that each of their patents have different skin, hair type and varied hair growth patterns. They thoroughly study the case, evaluate the patient for any kind of medical condition and then decide the further course of treatment.

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