We all read in school that the largest organ of our body is the skin. It is also the most visible part of our body. It is also the part of our body that we tend to use and abuse the maximum.

Elements and Your Skin

Everyone is born with a picture perfect skin and is a beauty baby. But over time, the elements that affect you leave their marks on the skin. Pollution, exercise, weather, sleep, food and of course anything you put on your face or body shows up on your skin. One doesn’t have to list out the skin ailments like acne, prickly heat, boils, eczema and other skin ailments to explain this.

What causes Scars?


Scarring can happen to anybody, even the ones who are most careful. Acne, burn marks, accidents et al all leave behind a mark.

More than 80% of the teen population affected by acne but for some it has become a permanent resident. Mostly it is a temporary condition that leaves no significant lasting effects but for some people it becomes a nightmare and stays permanently. Acne can result in scarring which in future can affect the self image negatively for the rest of their lives.

You might have fallen from your bicycle as a child and cut your forehead which might have left a mark. Or you might not like the three moles on your upper lip and would like two of these to be removed. Or some hot oil might have fallen on your hands and arms and left a horrible scarring.

Let’s not forget the ugly stretch marks that your ‘bundle of joy’ has given you. Who would want to wear low rise jeans with the risk of showing off those white marks on the lower portion of the abdomen?

And the marks left behind by weight loss. Yes, extreme weight loss leaves behind signs and they are not pretty.

How to remove scars?

Scar revisions improve the appearance of a scar while leaving another though less obvious scar in its place. Though there are a variety of topical products that may somewhat improve mild scarring, but they cannot completely remove the scar, one can always see the scar. This procedure can also be achieved with laser resurfacing and the injection of steroid medications. Acne scars require treatment with laser skin resurfacing, inject able fillers, and/or surgical procedures. The laser scar removal cost in Delhi varies from place to place but is not high.

Scar Treatment Revisions provide long-lasting or permanent smoothing out and removing of the scar. This surgery also controls future breakouts. Until recently, dermabrasion and dermaplaning have been the most common and effective method of skin resurfacing treatment but this surgery is equally effective for scar removing procedure.

Surgery for scar removal


Whether it is a scar from acne on your face or back or a burn mark on the arm from working in the kitchen or scarring form skin healing post an accident, you can remove it with surgery.

Scar removal surgery is very safe with all the professionals treating you. At Clinic Dermatech, scar removal surgery is done by expert cosmetologists and plastic surgeons who are leaders and experts in the field.

Surgery is seen as a dangerous word and people in general tend to be scared with the word itself. Scar Revisions surgery is a new genre where you don’t have to be scared of as the professionals are quite great at making you comfortable. So, this surgery is used for minimizing the visible scars that could be left behind after injury or surgery in either childhood or adulthood.

Surgical scar revision can change the size of a scar, lower elevated scars or raise depressed scars. This is plastic surgery to remove scars form stitches. This is done when the surgeon returns to the first surgery site where the incision is healing, forming a scar. Then, more tissue around the scar is removed in an effort to take any remaining cells. Although this is not preferred for any guardian, sometimes it is needed and it can be life saving. This is becoming popular at the present culture because it can be done easily and especially as it is quite beneficial.

Scar removal cost in India depends on the size and the treatment. It is not something that one should be worried about.

At times, people face motor vehicle accidents, skin cancers, benign skin lesions and burns. These given situations more often leaves behind a permanent scar. Although we can never fully remove a scar, a number of surgical and non-surgical techniques are available to help camouflage their visibility.

Scar Revisions is one of the most popular and successful method to remove any scar. Scars that are widened can be improved by excision and meticulous surgical re-closure and others by concealment using artistic applications of tissue reorientation.

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