Hello friends, this is all about us. Seriously, we all want our abs to look like any movie star, but we also know our favourite stars are paid to spend weeks in the gym doing a range of exercises to reach their fitness goals while subsisting only on protein shakes and diet restricted food. Well, this is not exactly the best option for us. In fact, not all stars are ever ready to take such roles because of such hard workouts and exercises routines required to be fit into superhero figure.


Even if you dedicate your time for daily 4 to 5 hour gym sessions, you still not have those abs you frame a picture in your mind. Don’t get disheartened, my friend! Those amazing abs can be sculpted with cosmetic surgery at Clinic Dermatech. So, you find a way to cheat the gym and get the most desired look you want with the help of the best skin clinic in Delhi.

It is a cosmetic procedure called abdominal etching which can provide you with toned abs that enhances your overall appeal. Abdominal etching is a liposculpture technique, which falls under the category of liposuction. Simply put, it is a procedure that removes the excessive layer of stomach fat. It is done right beneath the skin and involves extracting the fat around your abdominal structure and then sculpting fine abs naturally. It is a surgical procedure that takes more or about one to two hours with the final results seen nearly from 3 – 6 months post-operation.


Plastic surgeon from Clinic Dermatech will precisely carry out the surgery by carefully removing the abdominal fat located where the abdominal muscles are. This enhances the lines and the definition of the abs to give you a more toned and tighter looking core. Although you get the perfect abs, but these new sculpted abs will not function in the same way as anyone have attained them doing untiring sit-ups and planks. In other words, you don’t participate in any strength competitions post-operation. This is why athletes and bodybuilders aren’t the person fit for the surgery. But with proper guidance and recommendation from the cosmetic surgeons it would take less time to recover.

Today, we’ve seen that an increasing number of men are going under the knife in order to sculpt their body abs and stay competitive in the workplace. So the next time you see a guy with “six packs” at the gym, don’t get jealous. Just keep in mind that he might have undergone cosmetic surgery in order to obtain them. So, it was never so easy to obtain ideal body image so quick and easy. Contact us at Clinic Dermatech to schedule a consultation for your abdominal etching. Our cosmetic surgeon will provide you with all the information related to the surgery and then come up with outstanding results that will surely meet your aesthetic needs.


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