For those living in a city like Delhi, life is a double edged sword. There are privileges of living the glorious city life and then there are the perils of overpopulation, poisonous air, high stress levels at work, etc. All these physical and mental pressures wreck havoc on our health inside, as well as outside.

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Skin breakouts, hair fall, wrinkles, enlarged pores and patchy skin – all these are a result of the impurities that accumulate on our skin due to dust and pollution all around.

No matter how hard one tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle, some factors will always remain beyond our control and give rise to one or more of these problems.

Thankfully, living in the capital city also means that you have access to some of the best dermatologists in Delhi to take care of your skin, in case expert help is needed. But one must understand that just consulting a good dermatologist won’t solve the issue unless you inculcate some lifestyle changes and simple self care habits.

Here are some self care tips that you must follow to ensure that your treatment gives the most desired results-:

1) NEVER leave home without sunscreen. If you are getting a skincare treatment from a Dermatologist, you must be prescribed a sunscreen but even if you are not, wear sunscreen at all costs.

2) Homemade masks of some very common household items, such as multani mitti, honey, avocados, lemon, besan, almonds, etc. are generally suitable for good skin care

3) Drink lots and lots of water. 3-4 LITRES OF WATER EVERYDAY IS A MUST to ensure healthy, glowing skin and lustrous hair.

4) Vitamin-E intake should be very regular. You can add a capsule in your coconut/olive oil and apply overnight or can consume itorally.

5) Eat four fruits every day. Lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet leads to an aggravation in skin and hair fall problems. Some of the best dermatologists in Delhi will vouch for that tip.

6) Condition your hair with egg, curd or beer once a week at least. Your hair will thank you for the pampering.

8) Needless to say, grab your beauty sleep. Panda eyes look cute only on pandas. Cucumber juice or green tea bags also work wonders on dull, tired eyes.

9) Give yourself at least 30 minutes each day to work out, meditate or basically do whatever gives you some peace of mind. There is nothing that shines brighter than the glow of inner satisfaction.

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In case these tips don’t suffice, you can rely on Clinic Dermatech, which is regarded as a trusted Dermatologist in South Delhi,for your skin and hair care woes. We offer a systematic approach to your problem to ensure that you get the most personalised treatment from our specialists. A lot of times, our skin and hair demand a little extra, in spite of following tips such as those mentioned above. For all those demands, trust only the best and live powerfully with Clinic Dermatech!.

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