Not only is the face the mirror of your feelings, but skin as well.

Your skin is a revealing indicator of how good you feel. Do you remember the last time you broke into tears and the ball of stress shredded your appearance? Not a twist of fate or any coincidence; due to depression, stress and age your vital organs do crumble! Due to the busy schedule you are left with no routine measures and the only layer of your protection gets damaged day by day.

The skin and muscles act as the foremost protection layer; that guards you from warm, cold, rough and dry weather. Apart from its utility in the body system, skin donates to a large extent to the outer presence and the beauty of an individual as well. Who doesn’t want a clean and healthy-looking skin that enhances the beauty of a person?

Don’t stress! Now Clinic Dermatech gives you a wide range of daily care products that help you regain and restore your healthy looking skin. And below is the list of skin care products offered at our dermatology;

Absolute Cleanser

Who doesn’t wants to look beautiful and desirable? The ?Absolute cleanser? by Ciel cleans the skin by removing dead cells. You can use it to remove your daily make up and everyday dirt and dust as well. It is a unique formulation with natural extracts. Moreover, is suitable for all skin types.


Reviving Tonic Mist

To get away from the impurities of skin, this alcohol free toner ? Reviving Tonic Mist ? restores your skin?s pH and whisks away froths, leaving fresh and radiant skin.

skin care Reviving Tonic Mist


The Hydration+ creme preserves and enhances the benefits of skin care procedures. Its soothing blend of natural extracts restores the essential oils and moisture of skin.

skin care Hydration+

Moisturising Sunscreen SPF30

This high performance moisturizing sunscreen with SPF30 and UV absorbers gives absolute UVA and UVB protection

Moisturising Sunscreen for skin care

Cooling Sunblock SPF50

Ciel Sunblock gives larger spectrum fortification against sun-burn and sun-tan. This preparation is enriched with powerful anti-oxidants that protect your skin from free-radical damage and sun-burns.


Luminizing Body Butter

This aluminizing body butter melts effortlessly into skin to delivers intense and long lasting hydration. The unique blend of Shea, Cocoa & Kokum butter pours deep nourishment to skin feeling it incredibly soft and radiant.

body Butter

Pro Anti-Ageing Mask

If signs of anti-aging are visible on your face then this is the right time to use this ? Pro Anti-Ageing Mask ? and nourish yourself with refined and 100% result gainer anti-aging mask.

anti aging mask

Energizing Overnight Cream

The natural active complex ? Energizing Overnight Cream? helps in improving the skin?s elasticity and rejuvenates the fallen and wrinkle skin. This night creme reduces all the effects of exposure to sunlight and pollution with regular use.

overnight cream

Age Reversal Formula

Ciel Age Reversal Formula is an ultra-luxurious and powerful creme that reduces fine lines and wrinkle depth. This revolutionary mixture of UttwilerSpatlauber (Swiss apple) stem cells and hyaluronic serum, improves hydration, luminosity and smoothness of skin.

Platinum Eye Serum

And we know that Eyes do all the talking!

This eye serum by Ciel reduces dark circles and puffiness for a brighter look. Now get rid of crow feet, fine lines and eye wrinkles just in few usages.

Platinum Eye Serum

Not only the day and night cremes but Ciel ?  whitening range also does wonders for your skin. Kindly have a look?

Ciel Whitening Facewash

The Ciel whitening face wash cleans the skin by removing applied make up and everyday muck and filth with regular usage leaving no rashes.

whitening face wash

Platinum Radiance Cream

Now let your skin radiate with time. The ? Platinum Radiance Cream? by Ciel whitens & illuminates skin. It further stops hyper-pigmentation, lifts dullness and hydrates deeply.

Try the aforementioned Clinic Dermatech?  daily range of skin care products and rejuvenate yourself, because it?s better to preserve and prevent than repair and repent!

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