Are you happy with your skin? Well, in today’s stressful and polluted times, the answer might be no! Skin Care has become an essential requirement of our daily regime. However, to avoid harm and protect your skin from damage, it is important to identify the skin type and henceforth take up suitable remedies for care. There are 4 major skin types, namely, normal, oily, dry and sensitive. The following characteristics can help you identify your skin type:
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Normal type:
  • No or few imperfections
  • No severe sensitivity
  • Barely visible pores
  • A radiant complexion
Combination type:
  • Normal in some areas, oily in others
  • Shiny skin
  • Dilated pores
Dry type:
  • Dull, rough complexion
  • Red patches
  • Less elasticity
  • More visible lines
Oily type:
  • Dull or shiny, thick complexion
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Blackheads, pimples, or other blemishes
Sensitive type:
  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Burning
  • Dryness
After identifying your skin type, read on some suitable measures to help you protect your skin and retain it’s glow and smoothness.
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If yours is a dry or moisture-less skin, then avoid using harsh or deodorant soaps. Instead go for mild and gentle ones. Regularly apply moisturizer after bathing and re-apply during the day and at night before going to bed. In addition, you are advised to wear gloves when using cleansing agents or household detergents.
Those with oily skin should use gentle cleansers and avoid scrubs. Use products labeled as “non-comedogenic.” They tend not to clog pores. Make sure you don’t pop or squeeze your pimples as this can increase the healing time.
Sensitive Skin on the other hand must be protected with a sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB rays. If you have a sensitive skin, then you are advised to wash your skin everyday and never wear makeup to bed. Stay hydrated and moisturize regularly.

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