Skin Discolouration and Hyperpigmentation: 4 Common Causes

If dark spots resulting from hyperpigmentation on your skin bother you, trust us, you are not alone. Even though hyperpigmentation can be a menace, there are plenty of options available to erase them. 

But what exactly is hyperpigmentation, and what causes it? 

Hyperpigmentation is any patch of the skin that looks darker than the natural skin tone of an individual. It can occur as a result of the overproduction of the brown pigment called melanin. 

Before you start browsing the internet for “pigmentation laser treatment near me”, it is better first to know what exactly is causing your hyperpigmentation. 

Some of the most common causes of hyperpigmentation, which can occur in people of all skin tones in varying degrees are:

1. Exposure to sun

When the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun touch your skin, it sets off extra melanin production as its natural way to defend your skin from sun damage. Excess melanin production is what gives you a tan. Having that said, when the sun exposure is excessive, your skin can start developing the dark ‘sun’ spot. Even though sunspots aren’t cancerous, sun-exposed skin can develop other precancerous blemishes that may look similar. That is why it is crucial to have your skin checked by an experienced dermatologist once in a while and get rid of the problems. 

2. Inflammation

Various types of skin traumas such as bug bites, eczema, cuts, acne, or even scratching or rubbing can be an onset for inflammation. This inflammation can send pigment-producing cells to high gear and leave behind dark spots after the injury has healed. At Clinic Dermatech, we provide many face pigmentation solutions to suit individual needs. 

3. Melasma

Also known as the pregnancy mask, melasma comes in the form of brown patches that can usually form in women during pregnancy. Melasma is one type of hyperpigmentation that commonly occurs in women, but sometimes, it can also occur in men. It is believed to be triggered by a combination of genetics, sun exposure and hormonal changes because it has also been linked to oral contraceptives. Airborne pollutants bind to the skin that make it weak and easily damaged by the sun can also be a factor in melasma and other hyperpigmentation. 

4. Medical conditions

Some medications, including antibiotics and some chemotherapy medicines, also trigger hyperpigmentation. It can likewise occur due to Addison’s disease, a disorder in the adrenal gland that increases melanin production. 

If you have tried a lot of over-the-counter pills and nothing seems to be helping, then you may want to consider talking to our skin experts at Clinic Dermatech about more aggressive ways to get rid of your skin discolouration. 

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At Clinic Dermatech, we provide custom face pigmentation solutions comprising of chemical peels, microdermabrasion, q-switched laser, etc., suitable to all skin types and needs. 

With our comprehensive range of technology of advanced lasers, chemical peels and skin-brightening injectables, our solutions can give you an even-toned skin tone and a better texture.

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