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Fast-paced lifestyle, stress and use of chemical conditioners and hair care products have resulted in receding hairlines and baldness at a young age in both men and women. We often hear about people around us who earlier had scanty hair, opted for a hair transplant surgery and came back with a full head of hair. But do these costly surgical treatments promise a long lasting result? The truth is that they don’t.


There comes a time in our lives when about 90 per cent of our hair grows rapidly. Each of our hair follicles has their own life cycle which is disturbed by the above mentioned factors. The hair follicle life cycle is classified into three phases:-


  • Anagen – The phase of active hair growth which lasts between two to six years, and nine years in some cases.
  • Catagen – The transitional phase that lasts for only two to three weeks.
  • Telogen – The resting phase, at the end of which (two to three months) the hair shed and the growth cycle begins once again to develop new hair and replace the older ones.


Each one of us has plethora of stem cells in our hair’s follicles. But when they get damaged or old, they can no longer kick-start hair regeneration on their own.


With the development of new technologies and deepening research into hair rejuvenation methods, it has been proven that the use of stem cells for treating baldness and hair regrowth is very effective and efficient with long lasting results. At Clinic Dermatech, we bring forth this new age hair care treatment to our customers for them to once again have thick and beautiful hair as before.


The science behind this therapy


At Clinic Dermatech, we make use of a stem cell serum composed of Adipose-derived Stem Cell extracts and Growth Factors in high concentrations to treat baldness in both men and women. The Adipose-derived Stem cell (ASC) is a multi-potent stem cell which exists in large quantities in the fat cells, making it a perfect source for producing the regenerative medicine.


This two-step hair regeneration procedure employed by Clinic Dermatech begins by collecting the stem cells through a minimally invasive process which is accompanied by a local anesthetic. Typically, this stem cell serum is delivered into the scalp through a derma roller or Meso gun. With the help of a specialized Meso gun, our qualified doctors inject PRP to an exact depth inside the scalp with utmost accuracy. On the other hand, when using a dermaroller, it increases the blood circulation which prevents any future hair loss.


By injecting the stem cell serum into the pores of the scalp, the skin’s fat layer sends molecular signals to the cells of the hair’s follicles, which then start the regeneration process and result in new hair growth. The serum also nourishes, moisturizes and improves the scalp and hair condition. It stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and revitalizes the hair follicles which further prompts hair growth by increasing the size of the hair follicles and stops baldness effectively. This revolutionary technology offered by Clinic Dermatech promotes new hair growth within a span of three to four weeks of the treatment. The density of hair increases by 30 to 40 per cent after three sessions of the stem cell therapy. On an average, a minimum of five sessions are required once in seven to ten days to treat baldness.


Pinpointing the benefits


As a hair regeneration treatment, the stem cell therapy treatment offered by Clinic Dermatech holds many benefits. The first one being that it is non-surgical in nature which means you can get back to your routine life almost instantly after the treatment session. Secondly, it is an outpatient treatment and unlike other hair regeneration treatments, you have to go through the procedure only once in a matter of seven to ten days.



At Clinic Dermatech, our team comprises of veteran doctors who are experts in hair regeneration treatments and have treated thousands of patents over the last many years. Also, each of our therapists has ample years of experience proving their expertise in the subject area. Our doctors understand that each of their patents have different skin and hair type and varied hair growth. They thoroughly study the case, evaluate them for any medical conditions and then decide the further course of treatment.


It has been rightfully said, “Beautiful hair requires good care”. If you too have a receding hairline, at Clinic Dermatech, we will put an end to your hair loss misery and promise you the best of Stem Cell therapy which will result in thick, gorgeous looking hair for the whole world to praise. Book an appointment with us today!

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