“I am allergic to food. Every time I eat it breaks out into fat”

                                                                  ~Jennifer Greene Duncan

Do you really feel the same when asked about your ‘belly fat’? Or when people flaunt their slim body you just try to avoid them?

The fact about the ‘Perfect Body shape’ is you consistently wish to achieve it but you fail every time. There are a lot of myths and fake promises regarding weight loss starting from ‘a balanced diet plan’ to ‘various kind of surgery’ offered by proclaimed fitness centers. They offer a quick-fix method to gain bikini figure by changing your diet plan.

Not just this, there are various magazines, daily newspaper and TV shows that offer a quick advice on a phone call based on that short communication. It creates a heap of confusion instead of an instant solution of weight loss. It becomes more complex to decide that do you really need a weight loss program? What part of the body should be into major focus? Which process to go about? And how lose weight?

Weight loss and Body shaping
If the ‘Fat’ accumulated in your body part (from head to toe) is really making you furious and you have tried everything to lose it. There are many solutions to get rid of it such as Body Shaping or contouring by Surgery; Breasts implant surgery, arm raise, upper leg raise and tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty), liposuction procedures and Breast Lift surgery etc.

We, at Clinic Dermatech, have introduced a ‘body shaping treatment’ based on 360 degree science for the first time in India. It is a comprehensive program with a holistic approach towards your weight management. This is a carefully personalized program based on proven result-oriented technology supported by tested nutritional guidelines to help you achieve a perfect body shape with ‘This 360 degree science for body shaping’.

Body Shaping Clinic in Delhi

Our Clinic experts use powerful mechanisms to support your body to reshape itself by enhancing it for restoring health, self-repair etc. It includes The Beautytek system; a revolutionary technique to harnesses the bodyto regain the beauty, Radiofrequency therapy to retighten the facial-skin reducing the facial wrinkles and the dilated pores, and Ultrasonic Cavitation & Galvani- a biological phenomenon to damage the fat (adipocytes) membranes selectively with the help of low frequency ultrasound (30-40KHz).

We help you to regain ‘The body shape’ with a personalized ‘Weight loss management program’ just for you. It is a painless, non-invasive and pleasant program performed by renowned specialists. Explore it and flaunt your body!

For More Information :  http://www.clinicdermatech.com


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